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Abdul-jabbar spoke with one of our former colleagues recently mark stein. We don't get mark on the show soon Good friend worked together the old network covering the sociation. The and he spoke with kareem rob and kareem said win. Or if whatever you want word you wanna use. Lebron breaks his scoring record. He will be right. There cheering him on and rob lebron's going to break it assuming he avoids serious injury. Here's what he has to do. He only has to play the next two seasons. Say play seventy games in the next two seasons and if the average is twenty two points a game in those games rob he'll break so if he stays healthy he's going to break even if he gets as a slight injury like he has these last few years but plays a third year. You know what i mean like. He'll probably break it. He's never averaged less than twenty five points. A game so Good chance he's going to break it and when he does rob. It is going to invigorate all of the goat debates once again. I mean they're invigorated as it is but this of course will will really take it to a half. Lebron will be the number one leading score. He will be top five in assist. It looks like he's going to get their be top five in assist and he'll have got four rings now. Willie have five. who knows. we'll see. But here's what i say in terms of the debate. I've got jordan number one michael jordan. I've got lebron second and being the leading score it won't change it for me because kareem abdul-jabbar right now. We could argue rob that he's more accomplished than michael jordan. Right i mean corrine. Corrine add different between accomplishments and being the best right and i've got kareem. Third few ole heads my have him one rob but most people don't have kareem as the goat. They've got michael jordan. I would say and kareem's got six championships just like mike and ben and more finals. I think he's six and four. I'm not mistaken in the finals. He won six..

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