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You wonder classical music to enjoy day by day this week. We're gonna be talking about baroque Bohemia and nineteenth century India. And we have a special guest and performance as well clemmie high so excited this league. Now, he's got a blockbuster next twenty minutes. So let's all right March twelfth March twelfth though, this is technically tomorrow, I guess if you're following along in the big, you know, Alison, I really liked to bring neglected and forgotten voices back into the spotlight a little bit in today's composer. Is yon dismiss Zelenco anyone head of Selangor. Have you heard of the Langa can't say that? I have well exactly poor old the Lenka in his day. He was hugely admired Telemann who is a great composer that we played on this show before he was in all of the Lenka. And in fact, got drawn into a complex plot to try and steal copies of his work. We also know that jazz bar who you may well have heard of his quite a famous, and he tirelessly lobbied. The link is employers to get an appointment at the same court just to be close to his hair. And yet Selangor has been completely written out of musical history. Pretty much. I'm sure we'll hear from people who, you know, the ardent admirers of Salunke fan club with something, which is awesome. By the way. Do you? Let us now if you are big Lenka fan I've chosen a piece called the Missouri in c minor which the original manuscript tells us completed on this day in seventeen thirty eight and I love this. I feel like it's a real example of a sacred choral what that was actually written by a human being who really was im-. Emotionally invested in it and really had sometimes composers. I have the sense that they would just kind of you know, going through the motions. Got it done. They voted to churn out this stuff every single week, whatever it might be. I really feel like he's very much showing up for what this is all about. And it's very dramatic. And it's very sort of urgent, and he's he's really maverick chord. Progressions we sound to me pretty modern. You had me at sea. Minor. I love that love that love that. She got a t shirt..

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