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That with willie wonka and the chocolate factory got golden tickets and sometimes we don't realize the stuff that we have have experienced gone through is our calling card and that's why you went through those experiences Personally is so that you know exactly how to get through and navigate for so even some of the best financial advisers out. There were absolutely bankrupt. But they'll tell you exactly how to do that. Only dave ramsey guy up and down and he was driving jalopy with you. Know the the canopy the fabric. You know these that looked like one of those bubbles but he got back to where he was at and he had to go through that process and now he's teaching others exactly how to get back to where he is and it's kind of what you practice each day so if you want to be a millionaire. Are you practicing being a millionaire being rich every day Just kind of the black belt people you know. I wanna be a black belt but i don't wanna practice. It doesn't work that way. Same thing with if you want to be rich practicing that each day if you want to be a black belt in karate or something. Are you practicing that each day. If you want to be a A book rider if you want to be an artist if you want to do. Paranormal i mean what. And that's what does is that you were are here to explore was sherry said. After my mom passed two years ago. My abilities have grown in. My abilities are stronger because accepted that. She's gone and i'm taking her place now as a mom protector and nurture my family Love the Sorry to hear about your mom. But i'm you know embracing being that protector and nurture. That's awesome hey mom this second medium to so thank you sherry. I'm getting that her mom's helping you kinda like yeah Because the body body dies but but your spirit soul does it so Your soul and your spirit gets here before the body does so that the that those are the things that were not..

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