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Now before we get to muller there is some news about you say there's an indictment right not indictment conviction and it's getting not breaking waiting for this one for a while. Oh yes you have been you. Were talking a Bijon Rafiki and right yes. This is trump's all business partner in trump transition team official I. I don't know it's getting some attention in the news but it definitely has not gotten the attention that I guess these days trump official getting convicted of a crime of conspiring my working for foreign government really isn't that much of the missile line of them it just it just yeah so in that sense it kind of is just a Tuesday but like still again. Another trump official convicted of being an agent of a foreign power now so bijon Rafiki in is a business partner of Flynn he worked doc with the intelligence group which was a consulting business and this all goes back to the one of the big things that Michael terminating yeah got in trouble with but never actually indicted on now. He got indicted on the Russia stuff but he probably had an even bigger problem or well. I won't say bigger but he had just as big of a problem with his Turkey stuff and he was not charging it because he was cooperating witness and they needed Flynn and the thing was what was him offering the Turkish. I government to get the Golan extradited right. He was a gun for hire <hes> for Turkey to help them primarily help them with their guy yeah to help them kidnap and extradite a a U._S.. Permanent resident who is considered like a coup starter glennon meter yeah all those things and again flynn not charged in that case because he will flip early early and cooperated supposedly and got a really really nice deal out of it that I wished mother had been asked about today given how that seems without me in but the second anyway we've had some dramas lately when Flynn Flynn fired his counsel from Covington burling his council since since the start of this really and he got these new like trump sick of councils who may actually wind up Steering Flynn at prison over their advice to him but their dice was essentially to tell Glenda stop cooperating. Here's what basically what happened is you had government of Turkey says Hey Flynn. We're going to pay you through this Turkish business developer guide out Tekken as as a cover for US coming straight from the Turkish government bank accounts and then you can lobby for extradition of Glen and help us with this plan to actually not kidding extradite plan to kidnap him but because because we're hiring you are paying you through this guy this business guy. You'RE NOT GONNA have to disclose that. You're a foreign agent now. If you are an agent for a foreign government you have to file a statement with under Fara for any demonstration act and and flint him up do that at first until he was caught because he was so boneheaded that he wrote an op Ed are published under his name on election day like saying how great the Turkey U._S. alliances and how much we need to extract Yulin right at that point people were like that's a little bit odd Turkey paying you and that's when the field yeah that's when in the middle of all his other problems with lying about Russia Flynn Files Afar statement on behalf half of <unk> Flynn and tells group little problem there is that that statement in the far filing was a bunch of lies which which Flynn admitted when he pled guilty statement offense which he agreed to under oath in court says that he made false statements in that far filing which would have helped the government when they're bringing their casing. It's offensive partner Bijon Rafiki and for these same issues because they're going to be planted having Flynn there to test find him half like yeah we well. Here's how he broke it. Here's how Bijon was involved Yep. We totally did that. Shit then in July he gets new council new council. Make a new statement. Starring Judi got new council and the Council go to the government mm-hmm and say Oh we're Flynn said under oath that he broke the law did like false information in those Fara filings yeah..

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