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Be one of those places you're gonna need to visit when all the freezing weather is over with, which is gonna be one week from now we're gonna talk about replanting a lot of stuff. And you, You've got to get the good quality material at the places like R C. W So keep that in mind if you've never been there, it's worth the trip. No matter where you're coming from. When it comes to replacing fruit trees they've got they've got you covered, too. All right. Has promised we're gonna go to Julian Spring We had one call. Hang up. I think that was a joke or some guy in the middle of Julian Janet, So can it. You moved up the board by one collar. And then we filled it in with Suzanne and Warden. Third. That means we still have the two lines open at 713 to 1 to ktrh that 713. 2125874 Julie Spring. Good morning. Good morning and thank you so much for helping all of us. Well, I don't know how much help it's gonna be. I don't mind talking about it. I want to try. It is nothing ventured. Nothing gained. But it is gonna be sad when we all wake up Wednesday Thursday morning. See what we have What we don't have. I know I'm dreading it. My I don't have any real specialty plants. But I have a couple of quick questions, Frost cost or sheets or both. And which one would you put on the bottom? And which one? Would you put on the top if you want to do double I don't know what you mean by soft cloth. I'm not a promise. Cross clock. Soft cloth. Now, Frost fron people, Frost. I'm sorry. I'm not here. Are you wearing a mask? Not know, But this is our guy was a joke. That has been a problem for me. People are saying things like what? The lower Your Mass. Tell me what you're saying, Um If I had the choice, I would do the frost cloth first and then the sheets or blankets. On top of that. Okay? Okay? And then my other quick question is I have a lot of annuals and just simple little, you know, like Perry winkles paint as tense as have you say that? It would be better and be better to cut those back and cover them or leave them the way they are and cover them. Cut them back and cover them or this came up a lot yesterday. This was an idea that came up yesterday depends on how all newly planted any annual or perennial is, in some cases, even fruit trees that were planted in the last 30 days. If Anything newly planted. Dig it up. Put it in a container. Put it in a A little bit bigger container than you think. You need, you know, heavy on the rows soil, get it in the garage, Getting in laundry room. Whatever you need to protect it if it can come out easily If you mention the word Dinkas or Perry winkles, That means these were the ones from the summer So those air locked in, I'd cut him down. And I'd bury him and bury him in mulch just buried and that, But on Thursday, I would be out there removing everything and getting it exposed to the sunlight and the soon to be 60 degree temperatures. Okay. Okay. Sounds great. Thank you so much. Good question. Sorry. I mis under heard you from the frost pocket. I kept hearing the words soft cloth. Was like, Okay, How is that different from just cloth. I know there are soft cloths out there. There really is. We said Janet moved up the board by one notch. Here comes Janet. Good morning, Janet. You're on the air in mining I was calling about. Yes, ma'am. What's your question? Bother calling about my topiary bottle brush trees there in the ground, and they were playing has about a year ago, and they're full of bugs. And Abbas wonder what to do with them. You have enough on that topiary enough of the trunk that we can cover the trunk with all the different ideas we had yesterday where you know, for everything from burlap to newspaper to carpet remnants. Sheets with tape. Just protect that trunk first. Then I would certainly try to throw frost blankets or sheets on top of the blooms. You're gonna lose them. The blooms are going to get lost. But in this case, it's gonna be better for us to save the trunk. On a topiary type free like this. I don't want that exposed to this cold weather at all. Okay. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. That's how we know you didn't have any kind of topiary question yesterday. That's a good one. All right, 713 to 1 to Katie. Racially this moving fast, be prepared to call it and then fill in the open lines and ask your questions 713 to 1 to ktrh that 713 2125874. Let's go to Suzanne. Next weight. It would help if I got that piece of paper out of the way and that could hit the call screener button little more effectively. Suzanne. Good morning. You're on the air. Good morning, Randi. We're a long time listener and a first time caller. We have a question about time. First time. We have a knockout Rose. That's a pink blooming rose. Cup and it's about four years. No, maybe about seven years old. Couple of years ago, I took a piece of a red rose. That had broken off and I just transplanted it in the bottom of the pot. It's in a container. And I left it there grew was doing real good. And then I took it out and I transplanted it into another pop. But that year On the first bloom of the pink Rose. It bloomed red. And now this Rose Bush. Has more red in it and has made the think darker. Can you tell me what happened there? Let me tell you right up front. That is not unusual. You don't have any kind of freaky Frankenstein plant there. It's really not unusual for roses, especially knock out roses. To do a change in color when the weather When you did it, it did it during a perfect weather thing where normally it's the colder weather that intensifies the paint to a red. Age and hot weather fade them, too, but knock out roses, for example. Are perfect examples of if it hit a certain weather pattern. When you planted, it is exposed to certain whether is it will change colors not unusual. Okay. I thought maybe I invented something new there. You didn't know that. I used to think that when it came to my high biscuits. And, uh, Wow, I've got this great Frankenstein. But it turns out with the high biscuits societies like it's normal, depending on certain weather conditions, certain cultural conditions. You can change colors on these plants. And Rosa. My biscuits are part of the Rose family in the Rose family..

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