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There's so many stories like that in ramona's podcasts that are unbelievable. I have a great donald. Sterling story involves a super bowl party <hes> and a couple of my friends who are now at the time they were small radio operators now they're big radio operators and they're like my age so i used to hang with them all the time <hes> at super bowls and we probably kick back a few we ended up at some party was like a c._b._s. Sports party and donald and shelly sterling are there and my buddy who is he's. He's big in in the radio. Industry is dad was a big time. Media guy and he says is to me after a few drinks. I'm gonna convince donald sterling to allow you to be the spanish play by play voice of the clippers and we're just you know pretty drunk laugh. He walks right up to him and he's like hey i'm so and so you know you know my dad blah blah blah and he's like oh yeah whatever he's like. Here's my friend george saddam. He's like he needs to be your play by play guy you're in l._a. It's hispanic and he's like well. We got to play by play guy and he's like what about spanish play-by-play and he's like. Do you do spanish plan. I'm like yeah sure at this. I never had no of course not and then so we're talking and he's literally like negotiating this deal with donald he's like seems intrigued right weird and then shelly pulls me aside aside and she goes where are you from and she was from and i said i live in miami and she's like miami she goes. Do you know lamar owed and go. He had just signed the and i go. I said yeah i just met him. Recently she goes is he still smoking marijuana. I don't know man. I'm gonna tell him that well. That was like my introduction to the sterling's. I worked. I worked for the clippers for four years and i have probably five scurried downstream for each year. I was there. I mean literally. It's what's coming up on the big sodano show today. What are we got ben. Obviously we're gonna ben has has a question for the audience right. You want to know yeah taco tuesday. Wouldn't you like talking to a lot of food on your show wednesday zada thing that's gonna do it now l. sushi wednesday wednesday why not so sushi wednesday freddie freddie prinze junior d._m._z. me spots because he wants to keep them secret yeah so mcminn minute goes up by we'll chat with minimum. I think mean may checked in with us. Maybe our brewers well <hes>. We are a lot of people coming on and twitter. Have you seen this thing on twitter that they're doing twitter asks do for the most perfect episode of television the most of the top of my head <hes> the penultimate episode of breaking bad is mantius yeah. That's that's been. A lot of people have used that particular one but we're going to discuss that. Ninety chinese food restaurant in in seinfeld comes to mind. That's a good one two seinfeld. Oh aw oh sammy davis junior kissing archie bunker. That was fun. It is a good one yeah they really go with the little rascals or something like that to of course alfalfa was told dolly. I believe that's right. Sodano shows next e._s._p._n. L._a..

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