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And manage. Expect like to be a good leader teams. Never gonna trust me. They're never going to be open with me. They're never gonna want feedback or give me feedback. And how can you improve. If you don't have that. I like that i feel like sometimes that in a long with like you know what i mean what you were talking about. Educating your team making sure like you're investing them and that can be kind of tricky too. Because i know there's a lot of people like the practice is that i worked with like on. What have you leave me like next year. And i'm like i'm about to leave you right now. If i don't go learn mayor i agree with you. I have so many. Docs that don't wanna bring team. Or when i talk to them about this like well. But what if. I invest all this money in this team member and then they leave and in. What if they leave. You have given them a gift that nobody else has that of bettering themselves. My office manager has been with me for ten years since the day. I took over the practice. She agreed to come work for me before she knew what practice looked like. I'm at an starbucks and hired her. And she's still whitney and i've had team members that came back from ce. That came back from trips that we took to leave. I have fired team members day after coming back from c. e. What a gift. It is to give to somebody to help them grow. The universe brings that to you no matter what i. I'm a huge believer in that. So yeah if they leave. It's okay that's your good karma deed for the day your whatever it may be. Yeah you have. Tim bad things you can do now once you knew that. So just it'd be. I wanted to ask you like what if what if like the person like. Let's just say a doctor right now listening and then they're like marijuana implement sleep have been but i have some team members who are great fantastic with what they're doing in dentistry. They love it but they don't wanna be on board with sleep. I have yet to find a team member that is not on board with sleep just because so many people struggle with it and they don't know the only time i find t- members of resistant to it is when it makes them feel stupid is when they don't know enough. Those are the times out here where it's too much or we don't have enough time or whatever it may be. It's the excuses we make for ourselves. It's the excuses. I made for myself and i took a course in didn't wipe completely get it or get how to do it. They came back rooms like well. If i do this this in i gave up on it so i would say making sure they understand. They're investing in it. And then the other part of this. Is you know coming back to your previous question. About what if they leave. Here's the thing. If dr is trained and three other team members are trained and team member number four leaves this four other people that can get him or her conduct. This is your time to be the leader to your team. Because now you get to revisit what you learn you'll get to set your systems in the practice you get to decide how things are done. Set your protocols. They should be able to pick right up. Not hard at all. Ma'am so much so much to magna thank you so much for being us. It was a pleasure but before we say goodbye. Tell us where we can find you what you've got going on what's growing. I know you just launch a new book long like tell us everything to my website is magnetic dot com all of the information about any events that we had about the book. I have a new book coming for the summit. That is geared towards. Doc's area is. Life is geared towards our patients. So yes that is the second book coming out with second book. Jeez i wear have twenty five hours in the day. Like what are you doing how he's is because i surround myself with amazing people that believe in me and that gives me the tools and the time to do what truly sets my soul on fire. It's having an amazing team and support system this. I'm super excited about this fun. It's almost like a guidebook handbook for docs to be able to say. Well we did this. What's next It's like having me the opportunity with them. So it's gonna be super fun. Is you have the book. And then what else. We have descended coming up so the book will launch at the summit. It's our very first airway. Is life sleep summit in houston october. Twenty second and twenty third and registration. Information is also on the website making it a sunny dot com awesome. So guys that's all going to be in the shots below and magna you really. I had plans this weekend to just be like you know what. I'm going to watch the office for the eight hundred time now. I think i should sleep. The sued a budget. So i appreciate that. Thank you so much for being with us. It was a pleasure and we'll hear from you so likewise thank you. Thank you guys so much for tuning into that episode. i truly truly appreciate it and meghna. Thank you so much for being on the podcast with this year's such a wonderful storyteller you i was super. You should see miserly now. What happened next with the experience of the the gentleman who kept winning the bed. That was i mean. I'm so happy for you that you are getting a lot done and at the same time like getting these these moments of joy it right which is super important in anybody's life so guys. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to mainly go in the show notes below. Reach out to her there or you can join the dental market or society facebook group. It's going to be the link. The first link in the show notes below in there. You can ask any questions. You can ask questions about this episode or any other episode that you've listened to in the past so thank you guys so much for tuning truly appreciate it and if you haven't yet make sure to leave a review on itunes truly truly appreciate that guys. Thank you so much for listening. And i'll talk to you in the next..

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