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Bass fishing by bass anglers that someone sitting behind a desk so go to biz bates dot com and order the best soft plastic bait on the market for yourself or a gift for your fishing buddy this holiday season. Get them at Bisbee Eights that come my favorite soft plastic bait made here in America go to visit bait that calm Jim Crowley from hooking hunt TV dot com shows anglers and hunters. How When and why to be a better angler and hunter. You will enjoy his approach to the outdoors that will help you be a better sportsman. Watch him on hook and on TV that come Online that pride outdoor network on Roe. Cool and on fire Stick TV. You listening to Chauncey on chance, he's great outdoors radio Network. For more information, contact us at Chauncey Media at a o l dot com Man, man, man, man, This segment is brought to you by diamond goes charters dot com. Go fishing with Captain Tony and get ready to yell Fish on. Somebody said to me once, Um, Robbie Way wants a crowd. Amazing. He wasn't gonna be. This'd Kevin, man. Damn. And you're listening to Chauncey on Chauncey. Great outdoors. Everybody welcome back to Chauncey's great outdoors and open..

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