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A veces Andy field. They're giving us the latest on this very important race going to race going on in Georgia. It's for 50 had cave. Okay, let's get some traffic and weather together for you now will start with K P. K's. Dana has in our traffic center. Yeah, he's there. If he's sorry about that, Yes. Just just doing some planning you well, why not? It's good to be prepared. It is. Actually I don't know the experience personally, but broad you might choose change, CIA don or again right now. Our freeways. Not all that busy, but we've had so many accidents. It's really Kind of strange downtown to split eastbound Can't city looks great? Really? Just a little heavy getting across the river westbound. Not so good. It is sluggish from Fulton all the way to the American River. I mean, very slow. Split to Roseville is eight minutes. 11 minutes downtown L grove south on I five and 14 on 99 at this time to get some slowing down about 47th and again heavy traffic from Mac up the fruit bridge because of an earlier well, unfortunately, the problem with an overturned vehicle or trailer, I should say. Downtown to Folsom Eastbound 50. 18 minutes 16 minutes, The woodland north on I five in downtown and Davis West found 80 gonna be a nine minute ride. Note. Let Coburn 19 stop you from choosing a proven treatment for your opioid or stimulant addiction. Virtual care options now available. Choose treatment and choose change. California find the right treatment option for you at choose. Change CIA dot or traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 KF became all right. Thank you. And let's look at our KFBK forecast tonight. We'll see. Increasing amounts of clouds and areas of late night falls will reach a low tonight 37 to 41 that ball will continue into tomorrow morning..

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