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From NPR in WBZ Chicago this wait wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz filling in for Bill Curtis I'm Yoki right and then they use the computer to and then they used a computer you know all of a sudden I had this Weird Pang of sympathy it's time for the wait wait down telling me the listener game call one triple eight wait wait to play our game on the air hi you're on the wait until this is Roy calling from Belfast Demand Belfast Maine I know what you do there I'm GonNa Suzy Allah just one of those old time Yankee Professions and how long have you been there roy because it worked for Richie Devon seasoned member Susan Suaram oh where's a cone shaped tower roof replica on her head we focus on telecommunication way to get what you want it comes from Shannon Neil some say meditation is a great way to manifest your dreams but have you tried screaming takes K. cops home want to be friends with the cool kids at school just scream I'm going to the party in the woods with you please. the listeners story Roy not anyone else's as people get them to do with you walk your last story of somebody figuring out a way to make their dreams come true comes from Morocco rest assured facebook is done corrupting our democracy by placing propaganda in front of millions of eyeballs now someone is using facebook to brainwash us one by one that's the promise of Elliott Shetler he's the spokesman for okay startup called the spinner for as little as twenty nine dollars the spinner individually target a special someone with content to influence the behavior of an unsuspecting recipient say you WanNa get a hard partying and stop drinking or a nasty co worker to quit his job or most popularly say Want your spouse to initiate sex the spinners on top of it so soon your wife will be a wife target With the initiate sex campaign will be bombarded by articles including nine ways to initiate sex why sex is so important to your husband and the importance of sex for happy marriage the spin where is the first business to monetize something called facebook sniper targeting and if that doesn't unsettle you your too far gone all right so here are your choices all about the way to get what you want from Paula poundstone it involves sitting around envisioning and even modeling although the thing that you will get is a castle from Shannon O'Neill the way to get what you want scream your desire at the person you want from and they'll automatically give it to you or from Oh Raka a service that will create personalized facebook ads is to get the person you want to change to change the way you want them to do it which of these is the real story of persuasion in the weeks news I will leaning in the direction of spinner you're GonNa go with spinner that's most story about the service that places those facebook ads because more rock rocks he done John it could bring into the correct answer we spoke to one of these people behind the scheme to get you what you want online that enable who influences that was Elliott chef learn the CEO of thus spinner which in fact targets ads right at one person to brainwash them congratulations Roy you've got it right your point for Morocco and you've won a prize the Voice of your choice on your voice thank you so much you're playing Ron Bye bye and now the game where people who've done a lot do a little more it's called not my job despite a career that's lasted almost thirty years Jean King has been very hard to pin down as an actress she played a fiercely supportive wife in Jerry Maguire she won an Oscar for playing mother in if beale street could talk in the boondocks she played two small boys now she stars in the Hbo Superhero Series Watchmen and hopefully now should be known for what she really is a bad ass Venus welcome Charlie it actually I got a chance to watch the first episode of watchmen they've been very secretive about it and I hope I can give this away you play a kind superhero right you get to put on a costume and beat the living heck out of people yeah which I get to like release a lot of aggressions at work after a lifetime of playing a variety of mostly dramatic roles was this a lot of fun Oh my gosh yes it was so much fine and and like I get to do this because I I I don't have superpowers I have super skills on this show you kind of like Liam Neeson's taken type type of thing you have certain skills yeah we can I just say I just realized Regina Means Queen so you're like Super Royal Yeah so so per so your parents I presume Mr Mrs King they decided that they would name their daughter did he just emphasize that asset they took it even a step further my sister who's four years younger than me they named her Raina which also means Queen There you go I mean you've done it but still was it hard to live up to eat I'll be honest I didn't really know what I was living up to until as started taking Spanish and yeah it Kinda took me to junior high until I went like Oh yeah okay there's some big stuff here now I want to talk a little bit about watchman because it's weird because this is it's based on a very famous comic book that came out some time ago that's very very popular to comic book nerds and I know as you know that comic book nerds are the most relaxed forgiving people so have you have you had any encounters have you been down to like comic con to deal with it yet I have and you know what what so far so good you gotta standing no at our screening you know well I hope you can move on this to be like in marvel movies and just like make the we're heroes saying work for you as the rest of your you know what right now I'm just helping are just see one or two people this Halloween dress like me Oh that would be awesome that what does your character where Oh my God it is amazing instead of a Cape have like this skirt that flows like a Cape so when I walked you just billows out and it's all leather it's all black it hasn't and I spray paint my mask on yeah better than that tag your own face yeah so we heard that you have a pretty interesting celebrity crush that you've admitted to at least is it is it Sam Elliott is how did you develop a crush on sally did any of the lady he's out there did you see roadhouse or some of the kids something about when he has that rubber ban and his mouth and he's pulling his hair back he's about to come as it would just take the little girl you as you travel in pretty on the scene here I travel in circles have you run into Mr Elliot at Anytime Oh my God I had to let him know did you did you just blurt it out like hi alienated forever something like that really is the hardest person on NPR. how Kerry groves they're saying that what did what did Sam Elliott hey when you told him that you had had a crush on him I think he blushed really behind the mustache that's nice origene king it is an absolute pleasure to talk to you we've invited you here to play a game that we're calling I'm not a watchman I'm a watchman So you're starring in watchmen so we thought we'd ask you about watch men specifically the people who collect luxury watches Greta wondered obese by Gerry Steinberg in the New Yorker about his obsession with watches and we're going to ask you three questions about this particular obsession get to write you win are are these is a real term for something that collectors look for in a desirable watch visit a emotional complications B symbol challenges or see thick beefy lugs the or if you like which of these things would you want to see unisem Ellie Hirth GonNa say the big BP was if you're gonna go for that that's right very good plugs are the part of the watch that the wristband hatches to and you want thick beefy ones that's nice stick beefy want somebody next question you've probably seen those watches with the really enormous faces like the size of tea saucers that were popular just a few years ago what do watch Aficionados call those watches a laws the end Holy View or French for Hubcap Watch be Penis Extenders C. U. W. owes for defied wrist objects the word penis. It's fun so I'm GonNa go with your thanks for the call according to Mr Stein guards the true watch efficient auto does not care for those overly large watches and believes they are an expression of male insecurity relationship between the two like you look at Big Watch and that tells you what I think it might tell you that they're making up for something else I think that's the short second hand all right so you're doing really well here Virginia for luxury watches unlike common watches are made by hand by craftsman at one factory in Germany the watchmakers were under stringent rules including which of these they're not allowed to drink ever be the cannot eat tic TACs because they could be confused with Ted talks or see they're not allowed to eat any roughage because believed intestinal gas harms the mechanism. Oh that last one but I'm going to go with eighty your right again I believe German watchmakers that any drinking at all makes the handshake and you don't want that in your luxury watch maker so I'd like to buy a watch that to me by a drunk person in what it would be an original it would be joking how did we Jean King Do on our show Regina King a superhero with an Oscar you gotta be right that's true and I ask you a question this guy I know why love you girl when you're at the Academy Awards and you know obviously he didn't know if you're GONNA win or not head put that camera right beside your head Edwin they're saying the nominees did you know had you already decided on what face you would make if you know what I did watchmen when you're a superhero beating people up it's am it's a perfect combination of me and my son doubles the gymnast I am not Christian had to could you kick somebody's ass right now that would be again yes king starring in Washington at premieres an HBO October Twentieth. It's coming up soon.

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