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Because we have an idea. As a nation that the idea of john winthrop who is who is preaching in sixteen. Thirty when he gave the sermon. He's quoting jesus he says we want this colony massachusetts to be a shining city on a hill. He's quoting jesus is saying. I want people to look at what we have an essay. I want that. Who are those people. How do they get that. What is that. Jesus has shining city on a hill winthrop. Preaches that sermon. And that has gone through or history. Sometimes people don't get it but generally we have gotten that idea. Many presidents have ordered that idea that we ought to be a shining city on a hill. Think about it. we're supposed to exist for others. that's like the church it's a it's a it's a biblical value right that we want people to look at what we have at our at our greatness at our freedom and our wealth at all these things and say i want that. Can i get that. Can i go. There can we. Can we bring some of that over here. That's the idea. We're we're blessed to be a blessing and just as the church who said it. The famous idea that the church is the only organization in the world that is primarily existence for those who are not yet members. Right that's evangelism. We're here to reach beyond ourselves and america in many ways has been blessed with that. That's why the statue of liberty is facing outward. Think about it. There's the shining torch of liberty facing outward and saying. Bring me your your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We've said to the world if we can accommodate you. We want you to come. We want you to take our ideas and make them your own ideas. We want you to come here. And you can become as americans george washington and other the color of your skin ethnicity. It's not about anything you buy into the set of ideas so my mother and father with their accents my dad's ninety-three praise the lord. My mom little younger. She doesn't give out her age. But i think she's in her fifties my parents you know. I didn't really realize this until later in life but my parents buying into these ideas and they learned the english language and they want to be americans at the became citizens and so forth and you realize that they are as american as george washington. That's what america is about a city of course nuts about ideas and these ideas are beautiful ideas and these kinds of ideas are not normal for the world. I wanna say that again so growing up. I learned that my father and mother they would hear the stories of their growing up what they went through and i knew like i don't know why i get to be in america but i am blessed and so many of my friends. They didn't get that now. When i went to yale university in case you didn't know yale was woke in one thousand nine hundred a two. Okay these places have led the world in these bad ideas and so people say you proud. You went to yell absolutely. Not it's like. It's like paul. You know talking about his credentials and he says these things are done. These things are horrible. But if i can use these credentials to impress some people so maybe they'll listen to what i have to say. That's great but i know that those things are nothing that jesus is everything in these. Things are nothing in the case of he'll way less than nothing because places like that now. I didn't say. I grow up in this environment. In middle america went to danbury connecticut move from new york to danbury. And by the time i went to to yell i had no idea what i'm walking into walking into a buzzsaw right because i'm race. I'm working class kid. My parents worked hard love. America appreciate things work hard and suddenly. I'm among the cultural elites okay. Who already have a globalist socialist mentality operating right. So get yale. And i noticed. There's real anti-americanism here. I've ever encountered that. You know this was during reagan. And i thought this is interesting. This is what the movers and shakers. I grew up in a working class. Home this is. This is what they think. And that's where it starts and that's always where it started but it was really far along in the eighties already so being somebody who didn't really know what he believed because i didn't really get the gospel in the bible and all that stuff in church very much was a cultural experience. By the time. I get to this place. I don't know what's coming and it really affected me and i'm sure some of you have kids that you understand what i'm talking about right. You get affected by your environment. And i was one of them. I just i didn't become like a marxist but i definitely lost whatever my parents had given me in kind of drifted over into believing that you know america is maybe a force for bad probably and probably communism is not really a bad idea who knows and definitely christians are crazy and they think they've cornered the market on truth and they're obnoxious and whatever you know all those ideas that are among the elite culture right now which is why you hear it so much because those are the talking heads on tv and in different places the culturally and they really believe these things and so. I'm among these people without really knowing exactly what i believed to. I believe personality. I dunno these really rise from the dead. I don't know i never thought about that. Is the bible really. What about this. And this and this and this i gosh. I don't know well by the time i graduate you can. I was extremely confused. I was you know a marxist easiest but neither was i any kind of serious christian with american values. I understood the eddie. I was just kinda like everybody else and now. Here's where the problem comes in at a place like yale. They've already determined that if you the title. The book is fish out of water. A search for the meaning of life. Right if you're searching for the meaning of life the first question is is there such a thing right. Is there such a thing. I remember being there and even wondering is there. Such a thing as truth is even such a thing. Is god now. if you know. There's god god reveal yourself to me whatever. But what if you don't even know if there is a god. What have you been told that people believe that stuff. They're kind of crazy and they pretend that they know. But you know if you're intellectually actually honest. There's no way you can know. Well that's the idea..

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