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We've had a blast obviously with kobe week which is now spend over the two weeks here it's very confusing but we had the kobe crossfire we had the mamba memed team we've played what she got looking at kobe's career there's one thing left to do and that is to countdown kobe's top 10 plays of his career started number ten that makes sense kkob you might remember baptized then rookie dwight howard that was dwight sixth game emily and bill toby welcome them to it and number nine final game of the regular season the two thousand four kkob ties in a regulation with this ridiculous that goes in double overtime wins this one in four we're gonna have a bunch of game winners here on this ten list here's another one two thousand ten cobi versus the heat the balance banks shot off the wrong foot and gets a we get the ball back over there but he's running away from the lakers win game 7 of the western conference final on their way to their first title kobi two shack it's so beautiful might be assisted here this is an iconic shack any moment last minute of the game to seal it and shack running back also quite icon at number six 2003 playoffs team five versus the wolves ball gets swung around akobe in the corner and he'd dunk soil over in around twenty seven the voters in kg international mr rich and kevin marlon on the call it was so good.

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