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Maker case but it certainly is the case that you find yourself sometimes in in crosshairs and at the other end of a lot of money on and a lot of special interests but as i say the role of state is to be the people's lawyer so we're not not used to dealing with the likes of those entities and so far we've been successful in beating the back in court i wanna pause for a moment to bring you the word from one of our great sponsors of this week show and that is the great courses learning does not stop when we finish school it is always useful and interesting to dig in and discover all sorts of other topics that interest us that we didn't know much about and with the great courses plus you can continue your love of learning you'll get unlimited access to stream their entire library of courses and you can learn from leading professors in their fields and experts about all sorts of topics that interest you and you can watch or listen at anytime from anywhere so this week i want to tell you about a class that is right up amicus is alley and it is privacy property and free speech law and the constitution this is a class taught by the wonderful jeff rosen who has been a guest on this show and we'll continue to be and it delves into these incredibly important issues about our rights and how they're affected by changes in technology and changes in social media and offers you ways to think about an frame how you can protect privacy in speech in the media landscape we live in today you can get started with the great courses plus with this class or you can choose another from their more than ten thousand lectures enjoy the thrill of learning with the great courses plus for limited time they are offering listeners to amicus a full free month of unlimited access to their entire library but to start your free month you must go to this special url so sign up now at the great courses plus dot com slash amicus that's the great courses plus dot com.

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