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Was brennan. Brenna is a writer. Nonprofit communications professional. She has spent much of her life on boats. Looking for wales. I is the daughter of a marine biologist and later as a research assistant in the bay of fundy and now with her family in the sailor sea in addition to telling mission driven stories for nonprofits. She has worked as an environmental educator and freelance journalist these days. She divides her time between writing and raising two small humans. By the way before. We continue if you're interested in diving deeper into the topic of women in science. I highly recommend checking out five hundred women. Scientists dot org. It's a great resource on this topic and one more thing before we continue story quieter would like to hear from you. How do you feel about returning to in person live shows. Would you like us to keep producing any of our online programs. Whether they're shows workshops or slams. If you have a minute we'd really appreciate your feedback on our survey we'll be sharing it in. The notes of this episode is well as on our website and social media. This podcast is brought to you in part by master class with masterclass. You can learn from the world's best minds anytime anywhere in at your own pace. You can learn about space from. Chris hadfield about conservation from jane goodall about writing for social change from roxane. Gay game designed from will write the creator of the sims with over one hundred classes from a range of world class. Instructors that thing you've always wanted to do is closer than you think. Masterclass is great for everyone who told themselves they were going to embark on a journey of self improvement at the start of the pandemic and then just sort of didn't because of you know the overwhelming existential dread with masterclass you can catch up on all the learning and growth. You're supposed to do. They make it really simple to log on started class and just immediately started hearing wisdom from some incredible experts in a variety of fields whether that science or storytelling or poker or cocktail mixing all of those will be important skills in the post pandemic world. I think timeless skills in a way. So i highly recommend you check it out. Get unlimited access to every master class and as historic later listener you get fifteen percent off an annual membership go to masterclass dot com slash story collider. That's masterclass dot com slash story collider for fifteen percent off on masterclass. Our next story. Today is from catalina. Martinez it was recorded.

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