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The big one pounds seven hundred on at and t we talked about the big first inning for the cincinnati reds swore as three run home run adam duval's solo blast given the reds a four to nothing lead the marlins fought back lewis brinson 's solo home run his fourth of the year to straight away centerfield i thought that ball was like a popup but it just kept drifting back and back and finally out of the yard on the grassy knoll above the wall four to one in that happened in the fifth inning and the reds really did a heck of a job defensively and pitching in that sixthinning when things got real real shaky were sal romano on the mound derek dietrich gets just gets barely nicked is front of his jersey hit by pitch and then jt real mutoko a single and then yes all castro he'd lined out to right field there's one out with two on and juan de peralta comes in salary mono takes a seat after a five and a third innings wanted peralta comes in and promptly walks justin bore on four straight pitches so the bases are loaded and jim riggleman he didn't hesitate he went back out and got peralta outta there brings david hernandez and just did a terrific job line drive out to left field to adam duvall off the bat of brian anderson that ball was dipping but duval great jump on the ball gets it in no tag and then to end that inning another line drive to left field adam do fall off the bat of martine prada and the reds survived that sixthinning and go on to win four to one so i'd like to update some scores throughout major league baseball tonight and in the top of the fifth inning oakland at home has a four to one lead over the baltimore orioles bottom of the fifth the la angels in you we talked about our pool halls securing his three thousand career hit in it came off the with mike leake on the mound the red pitching for the seattle mariners so three to nothing the angels lead the mariners in seattle the final in from new york the yankees give the heisman trophy stiff arm to the cleveland indians the indians came on strong lateness game but the new york yankees prevail.

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