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Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Christopher Nolan discussed on Talking Hoops with Zach Harper


As order if the article heather twist at the end the cycle of talk about tom cruise's hold did you see split now that's a last night move media and it's it i'm not going to spoil it for you than i thought that was a atoms that sounds like an adam sandler movies split its click oh all right so you are it will you see the commuter in the theater or you're gonna wait probably way i'm definitely going to see the theater i haven't seen anything that they're a long time so are probably then he and i'm i'm sorry unemployed so as i do want to go see the the jackie chan movie we'll have foreigner the foreigners whose release order sorry just foreigner would be a band it's a bandaid here i am a big jackie chan again so i can i wanted to see that the last movie us on the theater was probably the dunkirk oh is that good i never saw the unbelievable oca us great i have problems with christopher nolan but it but he this one under two hours so i think i'm not a big chris renaud guy either this movie oh it makes you very nervous the whole time is like a clock ticking in the background the entire movie and you walk out of their just jittery but it's it's it's really grow and then of course we got to see jio store yeah definitely yeah you're unemployed you could go set out so it's out.

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Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Christopher Nolan discussed on Talking Hoops with Zach Harper

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