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Be back in a few free-speech lives here on the larry elder show with special guest. Carl jackson i welcome back to the larry. Elder show on the line with me is our special guest. Julie kelley of american greatness again. Follow her on twitter at julia underscore kelly and a number two. That's at julie. Underscore kelly and the number two and again. I encourage you. She's a senior contributor at am greatness. I encourage you if you want to know what's going on. I've got a doubt tone in my ear guys if you want to know what's going on with the The the protesters from january six. I encourage you to read everything she puts out It's in great detail. She does a great job of giving you a lot of detail yet. Making it Succinct indigestible at the. Same time we were talking about the the trump flag before we went to the break. Julie what can you tell me This gentleman paula hodgkins. And the the the trump flag. And how the is that julie. Did we lose her. Okay all right well. Hopefully julie will call back Hopefully julie will call back in. Let me just go through some of this fee. Okay are you there okay. You were telling us before we went to the break. The the animus that i believe is what the judge was showing towards this gentleman. Paul hodgkin's due to this trump flag. You were getting ready to tell us something about the trump fly. So he basically said that po hodgkin's chose Loyalty to donald trump over his country could not get out of people. Think supporting your president is supporting your country at the same time but these people are traders. They didn't get on That biden bandwagon and so this is part of their punishment But he spent a lot of other crazy things You know that this is this stain on the happy history of our country that law enforcement and law makers will live with the emotional scars of january. Sixth for the rest of their lives. This is this is a grown man by the way a federal judge playing. That's not that not a teenage girl you know. And so This is just this sort of overblown over dramatic rhetoric. That i hear any court hearings over and over So they're just ranting from the bench. These diatribes they have targeting trump supporters But meanwhile their lives are destroyed bankrupted. Losing their jobs losing their homes or businesses. They're using their families And so but people like judge moss. Don't care they view washington nbc's their fiefdom and how dare hundreds of thousands of americans come uninvited into their little fiefdom and and support donald trump. So that's really what this is about retribution and revenge. So this guy. Paul hodgkin's he's charged with misdemeanors and he's charged with a felony count of of destruction. And i want you to talk about this. Because here's the thing i want. I want to remind those of you in the listening audience. He didn't assault anyone. He didn't assault police officer. He didn't do any damage to to the property. And again you can read this and julie kelly's column He was inside of the building. You say for roughly twenty two minutes. He entered the senate chamber. That's where he hoisted the flag The trump flag and took a selfie four misdemeanors but the biden administration is throwing on this shady obstruction charge. Tell us about that and why they're doing that l. This is exactly the intent called obstruction of an official preceding. It was a law that was passed in two thousand to post enron. It's actually a white collar criminals who are trying to evade congressional investigations or prosecution. It was never intended for political protesters intact. When george w bush sinaloa he specifically said there should not be used to quell political speech and political protests. That's exactly what the by administration is doing. Roughly two hundred people have had. This felony added to mostly misdemeanor cases. Which is exactly what happened. Hodgman so This is a way to make them convicted felons and a way to get jail time. So the biden justice department can brag about all the scales that they've collected next year in the midterms. How many people are convicted felons. How many people have gone to jail when really it comes down to what they're charging a silly ridiculous obstruction charge Which has not apply to any other political protest over the past years. This is what scares me about. This is is what you said. How the rank and file just buy into this they. They're they're fed all of this nonsense. Whether it's cnn msnbc twitter wherever it may be They're fed this stuff. And and the biden administration has done a great job of dividing americans all the while blaming trump. And all this kind of nonsense. But honestly i've even experienced in my own personal life duly. Wear a friend of mine. Found out. Didn't know i don't know why because we've we've we've been friends for years Found out that a voted for trump twenty twenty and the guy straight up told me he can take me seriously anymore. I i i could not believe it but i was like okay. At least i know where you stand. this is somebody. That's very far to the left. But we always managed to get along and talk and have great conversation yet. this time. He drew the line. And i'm like okay. Well you weren't worth having as having as a friend. I guess so. You know it but it's pretty amazing but it is scary because what people don't understand that i think why i'm very sympathetic to this is because before. This is bbc for all of you in the listening audience over twenty years ago when i was not following. Christ i did stupid stuff. I broke the law. I went to jail. I did not want to be there. It was a miserable experience. And i can tell you julie. There's people that belong in jail. Honestly so i thank god for the men in blue. Who put those people behind bars. And there's some people you go in there and you're like you know what they're gonna do okay when they get out. They shouldn't be here. They made a stupid mistake. But i look at these protesters. Their lives are being permanently. Changed their being permanently destroyed. You know as far as their civil liberties financially. And i'm like there's just no compassion because we're just right versus left where republican versus democrat And it seems like the biden administration has us at least in this regard. Were where they want us. How do you respond to that. I agree obviously a a terror campaign. Save on leash regular americans and it's not just the people who are arrested some who are dragged to this jalen. Dc where past people spending months there under pre trial detention orders. They signed off on another one today. Robert morris remember the guy with the legos. They found army ranger. Retorts afghanistan highschool.

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