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My famished friends let me tell you about lisa lisa is an innovative direct to consumer online mattress brand that's also socially conscious in fact for every ten mattresses that lisa cells they donate one to a shelter through the one ten program they also feature these beautiful mattresses a patented universal adaptive field designed for all types of sleepers and now lisa has expanded its offerings to include the lisa pillow the lisa blanket the lisa foundation for this beautiful mattress and the lisa frame try a leesamattress in your own home for one hundred nights my hungry homeys risk free that means you can return it if you're not down with it on the ninety ninth night but you're gonna be down with you're gonna keep it for three thousand and sixty five days and three thousand sixty five nights is available in the us the uk canada and germany online with free shipping this one hundred percent american made mattress ships compressed in a box right to your front door you can try the mattress at the lisa dream gallery and so city as well as virginia beach or you can get yourself to anyone of eighty west elm stores nationwide and give it a test drive before you get going on the hundred nights riskfree for memorial day this is a great deal hung hom getting one hundred and sixty dollars off when you go to lisa dot com slash carves that's l e s a dot com slash cer b s do it one hundred sixty dollars that's a great deal culinary comrades today's house of cards also brought to you by our good pals at hotel tonight hotel tonight partners with awesome.

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