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Oh, two central standard time in the PM here from the studios, but when it gets you in with our interview with Chris beard on all things, we talk Lubbock, we talk west, Texas. We talk about ingredients to a winning team DNA strands of coaches that influenced him and a little Bob Knight speaking to that last topic. Hope he enjoyed this interview with Chris beard friend of other side at Texas get in with him. And then we'll get him with the mayor and the councilman on all the latest hub city of bents stick right with us. Texas Tech men's basketball coach Chris beard. How are you? Coach doing good. Glad to be here. Winners upon us students all all replace the athletes with finals and finals, get moved around. Yeah. It's great to be. Okay. This time of year, you know, certain excitement for the holidays coming up in the break these kids good, then also got the stress and anxiety of final. So with our basketball team. We're no different. It's while he's had so much respect for student athletes are guys are obviously competing in basketball right now. But also take the student side of things real seriously. So in the next four to five days our guys are in final exams. So today's great example today is that a practice in our normal time, which round three o'clock we're going this evening because several of our players have finals today. Tell me we're big red raider fans at the lease in house and just tell me what was it like wins? I air came in and told you that he's out these going to go the pros, and what did you have to drink after he told you that? Well, he didn't come in and tell me 'cause we made that decision together. But really, it was a great moment. You know, it would just be like, let's take my daughter. For example. My oldest daughter Avery's in college at Columbia University in New York City. She has a passion to get into politics. Although she goes to school to get that degree. If somebody told her, you know after one or two years of garbage, a dream you. Here's your dream job. You want it? Now, you gotta do it. Athletics is no different you go to college to chase your dreams certainly Zaire's dreams to play in the NBA..

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