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Wednesday looks dry before another slight chance of rain Thursday and Friday, I'm ABC fifteen meteorologist Irish be seven three. It's fifty five degrees in Avondale. More information this morning about hoc- into healthcare that where a woman in a vegetative state gave birth last month. Former Arizona director of economic security Tim Jeffries is providing more details about the investigation he launched into haciendas finances. We conducted an audit of twenty fourteen financials, and it showed upwards to four million dollars in either aronie us or what we feared fraudulent billings. Jeffrey says the criminal investigation was ended in two thousand fourteen after governor Ducey chose not to retain Jeffries as a director. It is day twenty five of the government shutdown and major delays continue at airports as more and more TSA screeners, call out sick in Washington. There is still no word of a solution sight. And yes, this is the shutdowns impact keeps growing along with those lines and delays at airports across the country leader this week the federal courts run out of money on Friday. We are told that means they may suspend hearing civil case. Cases while the shutdown continues. That's ABC's Elizabeth her. It was ten years ago today that a US Airways flight made a shocking yet safe emergency splashdown on the Hudson river ABC's, Kenneth moten has more a decade after the miracle on the Hudson. Those aboard flight fifteen forty nine still remember every detail, and we're taking off injury the newspaper, and all of a sudden, boom, I.

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