IRS, Democrats, Congressman Crenshaw discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Midtown Atlanta seventeenth street. Southbound I twenty smiling Mark McKay. Last week. The Trump administration ordered tens of thousands of I r s workers to go back to work many IRS staffers belong to a union the national treasury employees union that group put word out this week that tax refunds may be delayed due to the current shutdown. They sent some IRS employees are taking advantage of a provision that allows them to skip work if they suffer heart. Do you know that this was not reported? I've got the tweeden. Here's some of the Republicans actually offered. Legislation last week to pay. Certain federal employees even during the shutdown big from Representative, Dan Crenshaw big deal. It never got reported last week house. Republicans voted to pay federal employees there. First paycheck of two thousand nineteen despite the shutdown only six Democrats voted with us it failed. Democrat priority is not paying workers or opening government. It's opposing Trump. Did you know this? It was not reported. We would know about it. If congressman Crenshaw had not told us, all we got was the sob stories and now soup kitchen soap line soup kitchen, stories, federal employees. Close out of shoes are shoes up holes in them. They don't have any gloves. It's horrible. It's all because all the Republicans offered to pay them and the Democrats. Only six voted with them. You didn't hear about that? So. This group IRS workers put out word that tax refunds may be delayed due to the current shut down. They said some RS employees or taking advantage of a provision that allows them to skip work. If they suffer hardship. Now income tax day this year, April fifteenth. That's when returns are do. Nothing changes. And you still have to keep records for three years from the date you filed or as many as seven years if you file a claim for a loss from a stock investment or a bad debt deduction or something. Now the best way to ensure that those records are safely stored away is to do it online. Because look the burden is going to be on you. It is apparent that. People are looking for outs and ways to. Shutdown is forty some people opportunity here to found it in so to speak. So it's it's up to you to keep your records and the best way to do. This is with drives backup system. Not look. I'm not kidding here. It's the own only online backup company that we recommend. You keep a current backup of everything on your computer, everything on your mobile devices. I drive will handle it for you. It's it's off site, which is important are the best in the business for a whole bunch of reasons starting with the secure way in which your data is protected only. You have the encryption key. I e the password for those of you and only you can access your data their website and backup software easy to use. And we're just a couple clicks of your mouse. Your David is being backed up in the background while you go about your normal workday called incremental backup. So you never even know they're happening. But when you need them they're there. I drive gets all kinds of great reviews. PC magazine has given them the editor's choice award four years in a row. Sign up today. Folks, if you don't have, you know, even if you do you think you've got a backup? You can't have too many. And there's none better.

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