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COM. You can kind of see the text version bottom line. Is You get ten candidates tonight going at it. There are a couple of interesting interesting story lines. I think that when you go through this first of all give you one. That's probably not all that interesting but Steve Bullock will be making his debut now you may yes exactly the governor's drive. He's the governor of Montana I mean you know. It's interesting in in that like it's probably the only time he's going to be on the stage at zero percent one percent in the polls <hes> he's a a red state governor. He's been a two-term red state governor. <hes> one WanNa stay that trump won handily <hes> so there's an argument on paper that he actually could do something here but you figure he's too moderate and has no no real profile well probably will not outside of that you got Bernie and <hes> and Elizabeth Warren next to each other to chew Socialists in this on the same stage which will be moderately interesting supposedly they have have a little truce or they're not going to be going after each other now. It just shows what you know that Bernie is not very good strategically because this definitely helps Elizabeth Warren more than it helps Bernie Sanders people are trying to still find out who Elizabeth Warren is the fact that she didn't have to deal with another socialist trying to pull her even further to the left is only going to help Elizabeth with Warren. You have the fact that she's I hear to one thousand twenty four. Oh really wow that's pretty impressive. Fake News. Oh goodness should help her. Yeah she went to the bathroom came back and she was back to the original statistics. Bob Bob Franken rourke favorite of of Sarah Love the the Bob Franken. I just ask hold on really quickly. Why does it look like he's at the High School Yearbook Photo? What if this picture I don't? I don't know there's this very strange pictures. Of what is Tim Ryan. He looks like he's surprised to your point. They're trying to make him look like a Kennedy. That's what they want. They want him to look like a young Kennedy there in that's what's going on with the hair and the teeth and the whole thing that have to look look Bob. Frank really needs something good to happen. It's been a lot of bad for for Robert Francis recently <hes> so he really needs to actually accomplish something here <hes> how does he do that well. He can try to show himself to the right of Bernie and Elizabeth Warren which are only a couple of the two people he actually is to the right of but that's not going to work with the debate audience I mean he is in serious serious trouble. <hes> I'll give you a couple more here. Buddha judge has a chance he's he's. He's in a second tier right. He's not on the top rung. He's also not down with these people at one and two percent. He's it got really good. Fundraising is about five or six percent most of these bowls but he can't. That's not GonNa get him a nomination he needs to do something he needs to distinguish himself somehow from this field old so he's got some work to do. I'll give you a couple more John Delaney who is in the top middle here. He's supposed to be the moderate of this field and I find this to be fascinating this. This is a man who is the moderate in the field okay. This is the guy who's the conservative of the of the of the left. This guy introduced a four trillion dollar global warming package dollars just for four trillion and this week <hes> introduced a new mandatory service program in which every single person graduating highschool at eighteen years old would then have to go in give a year of their life one to two years to the federal government to do things like the climate core in which you'd go around the country and install solar panels nice swear. This is the moderate the campaign think about that for a second. This is a guy who this guy that got booed on stage for saying socialism wasn't the winning philosophy and that guy is like way more than anyone I've ever I heard before and finally Marianne Williamson which is going to be the entertainment we all love Marianne Sarah's actual favorites.

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