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Lines will be shorter but you want to try to reach the window January third through January fifteenth because after the fifteenth some stores will not accept returns and give you the full credit one in five of us plan to return more than half of our gifts according to a survey by online online retail platform oracle it's such a common practice that you PS is actually designated January second as the day when customers are expected to send back nearly two million packages from his private beach club in South Florida the president continued to attack house speaker Nancy Pelosi into separate tweets this morning the president quit criticized the speaker's congressional district in the state of California for its homeless crisis in an early morning tweet the president went from lashing out over impeachment to taking on congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California district which is entirely within the city of San Francisco president trump writing that the house speaker should clean up her quote filthy dirty district going on to say that she and governor knew some of lost total control regarding the homeless crisis the president this week warned the state's governor that if the crisis process the feds will get involved Monaco surround the ABC news Washington a baby born on Christmas delivered in an unconventional place a couple in New Hampshire will not be returning this Christmas gift little baby boy born along the side of I ninety three outside the city of Concord the dad called nine one one is the mom went into labor couple of state troopers including sergeant Vincent Grieco showed up to help deliver little Dominic nice to be there for somebody in a time of need but as a parent myself it was equally rewarding to see Ella could join the parents faces says he's been on the job for fifteen years and this is the first time he's ever helped deliver a baby and definitely the first time on Christmas day cherry prestin ABC news WGN sports we've got to a double dose of bad news for the Blackhawks team physician announcing today the defense and Brent Seabrook it's going to undergo season ending surgery is going to have one surgery tomorrow and a shoulder another in early January on his hip and defenseman Calvin de Haan also set to undergo season ending shoulder surgery tomorrow Blackhawks was the New York Islanders obviously without the Han and Seabrook tomorrow the pre game with Chris both seven o'clock to face off seven thirty John Wiedeman and Troy Murray on seven twenty WGN and WGN.

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