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Don't you think and extend with signs that now any second and donnie walsh look there was some other things going on with him with his health he was getting on up there in years but if donny walsh let's say continued on that path and was allowed to run the franchise as he had been doing up until that point it all who's to say where things have woulda gone for that basketball team you'll donnie walsh was a guy who back in the indiana pacers days you know in the nineties and whatnot now he built a winner he built a winner a guy who has a track record and the thing about mark jackson if you ask me mark jackson is a guy that almost fills into that or force in the phil jackson category if phil had a great basketball resume always head coach winning eleven championships coach in jordan coaching colby but coaching was one thing vehicle to pick him is a different story and as we saw fill had problems in that department he had a difficult time building a roster and building a franchise a march acts on the other hand okay was a player he was a coach's a broadcaster but he's never run an organization never part of the front office allan houston yeah he hasn't necessarily been in charge yet but at least allan houston has been around this franchise he's been inside the front office knows the inner workings of a little bit and you know at the very least that there's not gonna be any interference from jim dolan to where you say hey allen if you want this job you have to keep soandso around because after all allan houston is what we would like to call accompanied by right he's a company guy he's loyal dolan loyal the organization that's why right now i sympathise all roads lead to allan houston being the guy to run this ranch eyes i do or release these somebody who's going to be groomed to be headed in that direction.

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