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He doesn't leave. He's such a good thing there with that defense, and you can tell I mean everywhere he's gone. He's had success. You know, he was great in San Francisco. I'm not sure what it was before that. But I know in San Francisco those five or six years they were really good on defense. And it's been the same way in Chicago. So I mean, you like to say it's not going to be different because it's the same scheme. It's the same same players, but it's not the same mind frame that scheme, you know, he knows certain situations. What to do you know how the game plan? So I mean as much I'd like to say, it's not gonna change. I would think it's gonna change a little bit. Maybe for the better. I don't know if that's possible would be better. But I have a hard time believing that what's his mind not running that defense. It'd be much better than it doesn't surprise you to know that he was part of the saints defensive coaching staff. He a linebackers coach back in the day. When it was Pat swilling von Ricky Jackson Jackson Sam they were good. How was that? Three four group has been around for he's been around for. I didn't realize he goes that far back because that's that'd be eighty early nineties late eighties. Right. Saints from eighty six to ninety four. Yeah. There you go. So he's been around. You know, he's saying some things, but yeah, that's the prize me. But he he's such a good defensive mind, and it football mind. I really mean, I obviously you wish pushing the basket and the job. But I really hope we say Chicago, they're building some really good there. Hey, I was interested as well. I mean for I'm sure you you had to defend every type of quarterback imaginable when you look at when you look at Nick foles, dude Meyer, what he's able to do all things considered for sure it's unbelievable to do. Just the big games. And I was talking to my wife about this Saturday Saint how I if if wants it's fully healthy right now, you can't take full out. How do you replace the guy who's played that? Well, I think he's what five zero five one six to one with all their last three games playoff games, especially because they had to put them together the playoffs, and she she shows up. You know, we didn't play great Sunday. I don't think you feel a couple of throws it you like to have back, but he played well enough for them to win. And that's what he's. He's just found ways to win games. So they didn't run a great Sunday. Not many people do against the bears, but we find ways to win. And I think the players believe in him. That's another thing that. You you kind of have going for you. When you have a quarterback the players believe they're going to win every game. What is your thought about all these young offensive coaches getting hired for head coaches seems like the defensive coordinator is getting a Nord these days? Yeah. Well, it's an office of Sobhi all the points score. People want to throw the ball over the Sean McVay what he's done. Unbelievable. Thirty two thirty three. Yeah. Early even coach Nagy's, you know, he's young for head coaches. He's forty or forty one. So you look at what they've done. I don't know if it's just they're smart. They know it was smart and everybody else. I don't know. But coach Peyton not young. He's been around for a long time scoring some points. But I think it's just a it's a change that you see the NFL going through changes with with young coaches. I know that I saw Arizona hired the guy from Texas Tech after they fired him. So I just it's different to me. I don't understand it. You know, I I know that college coaches score a lot of points. They're supposed to do. But his NFL there's some things that transfer over. But not a lot in my opinion. I let you go who do you see squaring off in Super Bowl fifty three? Oh my gosh. It's gonna be hard to beat the saints in that don't I'm afraid there a few times, and they're tough. Goes my heart. I'm go Kansas City. I'm a huge fan. They got you know, coach totes over there. I'm a big Andy Reid fan. So I'm gonna go with the with the chiefs in the saints number one to number one seats, although India's good right now. I realize how good they were front until Sunday or Saturday whenever the game. Yeah. They won nine of their last ten to end the season. They were one in five or something like that. Someone told me they they picked up the bears colts have a rematch screwed that up. Holidays were good Christmas and New Year's there over it's good. Yeah. My kids are getting older now. So it's just a little different. They I'm not that cool right now. Back in school. They started back to school. They that was a great thing. That's awesome. Brian. You're the best. We appreciate the time. As is as dry take care. Bryner lacquer the hall of Famer it's for him. You see he was nervous out to the field thing about was so cool watching he and dick Butkus walk onto the. Should do that every game. Now kind of like the twelfth man where someone raises a flag the bears should do that say him and dick Butkus. Grammatically correct. This him and dick Butkus when they came out being there was like people already loud because they bear raid sirens. And then those two came out and the place. I saw it went absolutely nuts. Rex Ryan was not happy that Mike single Terry. Wasn't there? He wanted single Terry to be a part of all the the middle linebackers two kiss to signal to lacquer. I was disappointed. Barry Minter wasn't. Hey, guys, say Jones. It selvi. Let me ask you something. Have you ever had manscaping.

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