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Anyone embarrassed? One giant step to the right separate from everything else. They came from sly. You are now. The middle. This is the Chad Benson show honor to be here with you tonight. And Martha it's good to see you. We're going to have a good conversation tonight on the issues that matter most to Arizona families rising healthcare costs protecting Medicare and social security and keeping our country safe and secure, but there'll be some differences that you'll see clear in this evening. I've been laser focused on the issues that matter most to Arizona families in everyday Arizona's while Martha has chosen to run a campaign based on nasty smears and false attacks. And I expect you'll see more of that this evening, but Arizona's snow that I've never been afraid to stand alone to do. What's right? And I'll always work with anyone to get phased on Arizona's, and that's the approach I've taken in the United States Congress. Here's cinema right there as she opens everything up, and and the debate is going on right now who's going to get Jeff flake seat. And it's very interesting. You have all the polar opposites here and the polar opposites the way the campaigns have been run first of all. Oh, yeah. It has been very negative MC Sally's come out, and she is hit hard. And she's at negative the other side of it. You've got to cure similar. That's largely ignored a lot of that stuff and kind of run her own thing. But there's times I think she could have answered back. She'd have to be negative. But I think she could have answered back. It's nice. They're real chance to sit down and to look and to here. Which one is going to do for the voters of Arizona for all Arizonans the best. They possibly can make Sally, of course, is is Mick sallied. She's gonna do her thing. You kind of know what you get with her. Now serving in congress, and I've been leading on the issues of supporting our military securing the border and providing more economic opportunity for people and I've been consistently doing that both serving in congress and now running for the Senate. My record is clear, and it's consistent. Unlike my opponent, unlike her opponent, and this is one of the things that big things that they've talked about when it comes to to cinema is what who was she she was this hippie, liberal, communist and socialist than all of these things you got the pink to do and everything. And now all of a sudden now she's running kind of this moderate democrat over the years. I'm proud to say that I have taken the time to learn and grow, and occasionally even changed my opinion, when I served in the US congress for my first several terms with congressman salmon, and I worked together on a variety of issues, including keeping our country safe and growing businesses in Arizona and protecting trade. So over time, I think it makes sense for individuals who are willing to learn. To grow the difference. I think between Martha's approach and my approach is that Martha opposed many of these issues before running for Senate, and then changed her mind very quickly. I've been serving for many years in the United States Congress and before that in the legislature and have over time been able to grow and become better at my job serving Arizonans and folks now in Arizona always put their interests, I never party. So and that I like to hear stuff like that. I mean to me that sounds great. You're gonna put the interest. I, you know, I'm a big people over party kind of person which both sides of the aisle. I think many times fail. And you know, again when I see ads I mean, I'm inundated twenty four seven with ads. If it's not on the radio, right? It's on television. It's on pop ups. It's everything and you get frustrated because you get the negativity. I want to know what you're can do for us. I want to know how you're going to work for us. And I've said this about MC Sally. I don't want it to be. I'm just going to do whatever the president's doing. I'm gonna follow that. Because of the Republican led Senate and the house working with this president. We really see more opportunity for people in Arizona, and I'm gonna keep working with him. In fact, I'm going to host him at Luke air force base on Friday the base that cares. And cinema wanted to advocated to shut down our shoes I running for office. This is really important, and I'm gonna keep working with it. When I'm in the Senate, and to me, that's great. I want you to work with the president. And if cinema ends up winning I want her to try to work with the president as well. I mean, I don't you know in this day and age with the with the the fact that we are completely polar opposites when it comes to our. Political world in our tribal isn't so great that reaching across the aisle, unless it is something like what's taking place in Turkey where you've got both sides. They I'll upset and angry over the the death of the journalists. The fact is is I don't know how much she will work with it. If cinema ones, but she's going to resist. I'm sure in a lot of ways in saying that I also want to know what you're going to do for zone. But also wants to know what what are you about? Right. What are you about? How will you volved? What are you going to do and both sides of run some negative ads? But make Sally is definitely been in the lead. And when she talks about the, you know, the closing of Luke air force base. And all this stuff. I've seen the postcard. Right. And I know that makes Sally didn't have anything to do with the post guard, but the postcard of Phoenix blowing up because of a mushroom bomb. If you if you go, and you vote cinema, and that was like really, wow, that's a step right there. Three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You can tweet out a lot of stuff still to get to tonight as they battle it out. Casper is an amazing mattress. I have one have been sleeping on it for a long time. If you first of all how you go to bed you're going to spend six eight ten hours on your casper on any mattress and in doing. So that's a long time when you break it down day after day. Why would you wanna be on a mattress? That's awful. All right. Casper is incredible thing. I love about it. First of all, it's a no brainer. Once you try it. It is amazing the sleeping cool to me is the most important thing. But my body feels absolutely amazing for the years that I played sports, and I put myself getting beat up over and over again trust me, I love it, especially with my back. So what are you waiting for? 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