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At eight o'clock. It's forty six degrees. Wind advisory from nine until six today. The lakeshore counties showers at times, and those winds could be gusting over forty miles per hour. Highs around fifty today for the WTMJ breaking news center, rusty Mellberg, lake Halley. Police continue to investigate a hit and run accident that killed three girl scouts and one woman while they were picking up trash on the side of a western Wisconsin road Saturday morning. The department seeing the driver of the pickup truck did flee the scene, but later turned himself in a fourth girl was also struck and is still in critical condition. The girls all attend elementary schools in the falls school district district. Officials say they will have additional counselors on hand when classes resume Monday was bent police continuing to investigate a deadly accident after a vehicle crashed into a school building Saturday. The twenty one year old west bend driver was found slumped over an unresponsive after he struck a good shepherd school, and he died at the scene. No one was in the building at the time of the accident. But damage was extensive where the vehicle struck it. We are learning more about the victims and the gunman in Friday night's deadly attack on Tallahassee yoga studio, where police say a forty year old man walked into the studio with a duffel bag pulled out a gun and opened fire ABC's Zachary Kayce reports six people were shot in two women were killed in the attack. Dr Nancy van Besson was the faculty member in more Brinkley was a student Moorhead reportedly earned an academic scholarship to FSU and was interested in joining teach for America police are still trying to figure out a motive the shooter old Scott bueller was a military vet who worked for a short time is a high school teacher barely who took his own. Life was twice charged in the past with battery after allegedly groping women the United States and South Korea will begin small-scale military drills on Monday, the resumption comes after Pyongyang frightened to restart work on its nuclear program. If international pressure does not ease North Korea expert, Gordon Chang thinks the resolve. Action is a good thing. This might even have a beneficial effect because it signals to the North Koreans that the patients of the United States is over. Every candidate on the ballot are making their final campaign push before next Tuesday's election day as racist. Come to a close poll numbers are being released and day to day. Those numbers fluctuate political analyst Charlie Sykes says this is this is especially the case in the race between Scott Walker Tony poll the week before all those elections showed that he was a head. So now, we have this Marquette full, which is one of the polls that show that he's actually even sites was a guest with WTMJ Scott Boris Saturday after a heartbreaking loss to the Rams a week ago. The Packers around the east coast tonight for a primetime matchup against Tom Brady and the patriots after a heartbreaking loss to the Rams last week Sunday the test does not get any easier for the Packers tonight in Foxborough against the patriots. We one big games like this. We've one big games on national TV like this at three three and won. The Packers are chasing. Both the Vikings and the bears for the NFC north division lead. Aaron Rogers believes the time is now to step on the gas. And that's what we need right now in this stretch. We need to have one of those signature wins. Midseason the patriots. Enter tonight's game. Having won five straight. Greg. Matzek? WTMJ sports are Packers. Coverage begins with Doug Russell's opening drive this afternoon at four sports, traffic and weather next WTMJ news time eight oh three..

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