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It didn't for may even thought he thought it was. You know there were times. When i was terrified i would. My life would now be dominated by this. This thing where i was convinced. Socio wrong couldn't leave the house. I went to hospital and ambulance twice because of a panic attack. Which i genuinely believe was i'm hostile. And that's i've never told anybody that before. So they got us something. I'm and it was just absolute fair fucking of diet and at that moment no matter what anybody to me about listen you're okay you know your your heart rate's okay you know it blood precious fine. It didn't matter. Because i was my brain was telling me that is necessary if the end panicked panic Horrible and there's no way out of this world close in on ya and dead pass and you find a wife hopefully somehow to find a way out of it and you know everybody's got different coping mechanism average a different route to take and sometimes it's a relatively short journey to find the things that can fix you. Occasionally things one step at a time all is a longer journey. Why you constantly fight it. And i'll be honest recently. A plane lockdown. And i'm not. I'm felt about failing for a long time appointed lockdown. Why i'm waiting emotional. I think everybody went through june. The course of the of the of the how tobacco of of being locked at home but faculty creeping up on me. I felt that people call it the black dog or whatever you want to call it. I don't i don't want to give it a name really just for few days i feel it coming back. And it was so weird. He was like it was like a physical entity. Tangible thing that was going you start to feel. I feel it again and i really really struggled with it and i was and it wasn't the feeling that bother me. It was the fair that he's going to come back. You know it was. Yeah it was the worry that was gonna have to face everyday and so my sympathy my empathy for anybody struggles with any mental health issue is enormous and i will never ever stop trying to be done. He can really help people any more than just being that someone who cares. I always well because it's just. The worst thing is such an eye for a long time in life. I was fairly dismissive of some elements of anxiety mental health. I'm excited about it. And i'm not. I'm not proud of that. You know. I i i was almost the kind of yeah you need to police off together might now or no. I know what it feels like. You know. I'm ashamed as ever said those words but i've always felt come on. Come on some young gag reps. But now i know how it feels to have the will collapse it on you and just not know what to do to stop it. I remember sign time. Why feeling what is making this out. There's gotta be something a messin doing wrong and not just made it worse so my advice to myself is it will pass you know with with work and to my advice to anybody is less than as there is always hope that that clue you out because you will eventually where another you'll find your way and it's not forever. Yeah put little pieces together. Thus the vice. I've always had and used in my own line. Put little pieces together. Some point it will start to come together and you're not gonna know when it's not a black and white stop yeah nothing. Today's effects in east a day by day. And you might that forty and two steps back a lot of times but he stopped as the one step forward the remember you made that one step forward because the two steps back you can always go forward again. You know i. It's it's like learning anything. Yeah sometimes sometimes you have a good dyson die but you just keep going forward than you have to just keep trying to keep going forward even if it's hard because ultimately as long as you push forward eventual you'll make some movement and it's a dot com is kind of kind of said the physical way which way it felt that to me. So that's how. I actually stopped by stocking chart tiny baby steps better than knowledge. All.

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