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The presidents of Russia and Belarus have discussed the continuing oil price disputes the disruptive steady supplies from Russia to the neighboring ex Soviet states Russia halted oil supplies to Belarus earlier this year amid price disagreements but a recent president Alexander Lukashenko said Russian president Vladimir Putin offered to pay compensation for energy related losses the could amount to two hundred and seventy six million euros this year and suggested maintaining last year's financial conditions on oil supplies Lukashenko cool be offered some progress while the criminal law there confirmed or denied his account another now former member of the trump administration has a new book coming out this time it's lieutenant general HR McMaster president trump's second national security adviser do you April twenty eighth battlegrounds will focus on national security and foreign policy including his contentious time with the president publisher HarperCollins calls the book a groundbreaking reassessment of America's place in the world McMaster spent thirty four years in the army with multiple tours of duty in battlegrounds overseas along with his thirteen month as national security adviser in the White House McMaster clashed with trump on policy toward Russia Iran and elsewhere before being forced out in March of twenty eighteen this is a big masters first book he also author of the acclaimed dereliction of duty which sharply criticized the political leadership during the Vietnam War cannabis companies in Colorado are sponsoring state highways they end up putting their names on roadside signs it's a loophole in the state's strict limits on marijuana advertising currently fifty one cannabis dispensaries cultivators manufacturers and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state that's according to the adopt a highway maintenance corporation Colorado department transportation officials say the signs are not intended to be an advertising.

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