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Gas tax by six cents and vehicle registration from thirty to thirty five dollars among other fees, the legislation sponsored by democratic Senator Steve Hobbs passed out of the Senate transportation committee, but not before Senator Hobbs address, those who voted against it hope that you won't be closed off the communication that. You'll still we can still talk about this for the plan referred. Another committee before potentially heading to the full Senate. See Romero KOMO news being heard in Olympia would require people to undergo safety training before they can get a concealed pistol license to Whitcomb with moms demand action for gun set says several of her family members own guns in this would increase safety way of saving lives without compromising rights. I think we're all in agreement that that's what we want to Dave workman doesn't agree. He's a gun rights, advocate and writer. He says the crime rate for license holders is much lower than those who don't have a license idea that concealed pistol license holders to any state. In Washington are a threat to the public is just beyond me would come says this measure would make it safer for everyone. She's in Olympia to lobby lawmakers on the Bill trouble for the state ferries seven vessels. Or roughly a third of the fleet are out of commission. Six of those are undergoing their annual coast guard inspections while the Wenatchee one of the larger boats is in drydock for repair after hitting a cramp pot. Delays in particular are what we call the triangle route as the Vashon ROY Southworth. Route spokesman Ian Stirling says they hope to be back to normal operations sometime next week. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. More than a dozen people are without a home tonight after an overnight fire at an Auburn, four plex woman who lives there told us her stove exploded right before the fire. Started. Her three kids were staying with a friend of the time. Everyone got out ok as rents continue to climb. There's a plan to help families in affordable housing. So they're not pushed out, but as komo's Ryan Harris tells us even supporters say it's not enough. The Seattle city council prepares to vote on mandatory affordable housing rules council member. Lisa her plan would require developers that build in a few high risk areas in the north and south sides of town, build as many new affordable units as are lost or pay more into the coffers. Steve ribs Delo is among those who told the council's planning land use and zoning committee affordable units are lost faster than they're built. And they'd like to see the thresh. Hold for family set at fifty percent or less of the area's median income. Not eighty percent up zone. You raise the taxes. You make many of the properties, which are affordable no longer economically viable. That's why we keep losing affordable units. The committee didn't vote will address this measure again. The council's vote is expected March eighteenth Ryan Harris, KOMO news. It's tax time. Which also means it's time for another. Komo's scam alert about people who try to trick you out of your tax refund. David Tucker with the IRS says it doll most always starts with a phone call from the Internal Revenue Service. They started demanding money. They say that these people that the taxpayer has a tax liability has to pay at immediately if they don't they're subject to potential arrest. All these things are scams. Tucker says others involved phony phone, callers and try to get you to give up your social security, number or other information..

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