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Kyle Allen, Ron Rivera Josh Norman, Ron Rivera discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


Seemed to be fine with Ron. Everybody seems to have been just fine with Iran. I mean that's encouraging I mean Steve Smith senior wasn't but every single person that we've heard hat loved Ron Rivera Josh Norman. Who had nothing to gain because he knew he was heading. Outta town. You know said the best things ever about Ron Rivera. The players key Kelly. All of them have said you guys are in for treat so back to Kyle Allen for a moment so you don't you you watch this tape leading up to the game that they played in Charlotte. Have you gone back and seen some of those early starts? He was a five and one starting quarterback plan. Pretty Damn well. I think The other day I I added up. It was like nine touchdowns two interceptions a sixty seven percent. Completion percentage like He. He was really playing. Well they played some very good defensive teams like San Francisco. That did not go well. They had that Green Bay game in the snow in which I actually thought he played very well in and then for whatever reason I watched that game I P played alright in that game. He played just. I thought he competed. Really well okay. Well you also had some student numbers from Christian McCaffrey and some of the things he did. Run after the catch wise and making it easy gross running back I. I'm not sitting here telling you the Kyle. Alan can never play football in the NFL. I'm just telling you that Kyle Allen is the backup in my opinion. Now that's it. He's a undrafted.

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