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Digman regan. Interestingly navien as i think about it it's often the letter c c thomas. How actor and my only got my own uncle. See calvert knutson did he. But he went by cal. He went on his desk. His his little nameplate would say see calvert city kelp recruits and. That's that's how he signed everything. And that's how he That's how his name appeared on all. Corporate correspondent was like those all. Wpa postseason it'd be like see old faithful. See the grand canyon. See calvert canoed the letters e in this case c. calvert. And i i mean calverton alone is kind of a fun name that you don't hear that often you might dig a calvert. I don't know very many children named cal you know. It's one of those names kind of went away. I knew a calvin my age. But i've never met a calvin younger than me but calvert. I know i understand you saying most cows are not calvert. Right there. Calvin they could potentially be mahan. 's or cal callaghan. It'd be a good girl's name. Eldrick celtic if there was an nba player kendrick. I wouldn't no. I wouldn't buy sheldrakes with x with an x but yeah and ask your doctor. Celtics is right for you but Yeah that's interesting i. We unfortunately gave my daughter several names which will probably talk about more. But i've i've suggested to her a couple of times that she start her name with a with a a single letter period and then some some subsequent name and so far she's rejected. I think it's because it does seem kind of like a boy thing. Yeah the junior and senior. The junior in the third thing. That so bothers tom. We're not gonna probably get into that much. Although i do agree that it's his. I was able to corroborate his finding which. I don't think i was aware of that. It's not in common usage. Really anywhere else. In the i mean maybe canada which is american north. We call it but the the uk an ireland. And i don't think even australia new zealand used junior and senior. My dad was a junior and never ever used it. And if you mentioned it to him he would. He would scowl scowling. But i had a friend in in high school. Richard winfield garnett the third and i used to really object to him calling himself the third because my understanding was that you had to have had to have the the first dodi you you had always well. It'd be alive at. It'd be alive at the same time right and his grandfather had died. And i said that makes you richard. Winfield garnett the second and he was like no no no. The third looked into the etiquette on this. There's no there's no formal definition miss manners actually believes in your finding but everybody moves up is but that's just proof that you miss manners are agents of chaos. Because that's insane. I learned why. Why should i use my name anytime. Someone of a different generation dies. That's absolutely insane. All of this is made up anyway. It is yeah why not make up a convenient version rocket like keenum. That's not how etiquette rules work. He's it's intended to be more complicated. Not less the But i do. I am interested in the subject of middle initials and You know to get into why there are see thomas owls and L ron hubbard's and and whatnot out there in the wild eight. Just a whitney browns. Just running wild hunt in the woods of new england. somewhere You you do have to understand how middle initials originated. Oh how middle initials originated before. We can fully appreciate how first initials yes. The initials because middle initials are fairly modern invention. Oh middle names are surprisingly modern. You have a middle name. That's you'd never use or oh well i mean. When i was young. I was known by all my family members as jon. Morgan and they never said the one without the other jon morgan. Because there were other. John's no there were no. Oh well the john's from the earlier generation so okay so this is something interesting. Well interesting to me. That'd be unprecedented for omnibus. Go ahead all the john's in my family at the age of majority. Turn to jack's so they were john's as boys and then became jacks. What happened in the night It like the to ferry. I think it was when they stopped wearing short pants and stopped needing a hook to lace up their boots. But i had. I had to uncle. Jack's both who of whom had been known as john as children and so in my family. John is thought of. I mean although it's are proper names it's thought of as a child's name and then you migrate jack. I was known as jon. Morgan jon morgan. And they're still family members to call me that that somebody yelling for you as a child. Jon morgan jon morgan. Mary hartman. Jon boy it does sound like somebody yelling to one of the waltons to fetch some water or to to feed the hands. And i think some of it was derived from kind of kennedy's version of john junior but then somehow. When i became a grown-up i did not get to be jack. I wasn't. I didn't transfer to jack and part of it. Was that the jacks were still alive. The old the older generation. It's peter pan syndrome. You never grew up. Well that to some what you could decide to be jack at some point. I and there are people that that. Call me jack. But it's just a it's kind of a. I don't know a romantic name. But i what happened. Was i lost morgan. So people in my family stopped calling me. Jon morgan except for the the truly old ones pricey. Your wikipedia calls you jon morgan. It does because i. yeah. Because i'd never i'd never. I'd never seen you seen that. On a checker a weird your house is full of weird plaques with your name on it and none of them have that middle name or initial jon morgan. Well i am your john. M rodrick john roderick right in the language of middle initials and i think maybe at one point when i was twenty one i briefly styled myself as j morgan roderick yes the first time i the first time i put my name in the phone book well actually the first time. I put my name in the phone book. I said i called me myself. John ignatius rodrick because i was an insufferable eighteen year old. You just read a confederacy of dunces. Or you didn't wanna get phone calls. You both yeah. I mean it was just. It was like a gnome gnome phonebook. I is a weird middle. Initial it really. You don't trust somebody. Who has i mean if somebody has an xs middle initial. You're like this guy's terrific xavier. Yeah but if somebody has is a middle initial you really wonder what went wrong. Can i jennings well. Yeah but catholic you could be. You could be a jesuit ken. Ken ignatius roderick. No but j m j. Morgan roderick seemed because morgan is a good. That could be a good name. Could have been known as morgan sure. I'm kind of a morgan. Wouldn't you say morgan roderick. Sounds like what is that very welch. What if i was your old west author like morgan john roderick.

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