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Npr news in washington. I'm louise schiavone. President biden was back on the campaign trail tonight stumping for the democrat in virginia's off year. Gubernatorial election terry mcauliffe. Whether or not the call a former. Virginia governor can win an election in a state that bars consecutive terms is expected to signal the strength of the democratic party message one year after the general election in one year before congressional races president biden seize the moment to press americans to work together to defeat cove nineteen now is a pandemic of the on vaccinated. The president said the nation as a whole had to work harder against the corona virus are no folks are watching number cases rising again wondering what it means for them. Well here's the truth. If you're fully vaccinated you're safer with a higher degree of protection but if you're not vaccinated you are not protected. It was biden's first in-person campaign event since becoming president former trump advisor. Tom barrack has been ordered released pending trial by federal judge in los angeles under a deal struck with barrack and the government. Barrick is posting two hundred fifty million dollars. Bond ilya marritz has more prosecutors. Say tom. Barrack is a flight risk since he holds lebanese citizenship. As well as american he will now have to wear a gps enabled bracelet. He'll have to keep a curfew and his travel will be restricted to parts of new york and california as he awaits trial in brooklyn in seven. Count indictment unsealed this week. Barrick is accused of acting as an undeclared agent of the united arab emirates seeking to influence candidate donald trump in two thousand sixteen and after he was sworn in president trump. Barrick is also accused of them lying about it to investigators. A spokesman says barrick will plead not guilty for npr news. I'm ilya marritz in new york. The us labor department has find a poultry processing facility in georgia for six worker deaths. That tragedy in january resulted from a nitrogen leak. Npr's andrea shoe has more. The leak happened about six months ago at the foundation food group poultry plant in gainesville georgia. The plant uses liquid nitrogen to freeze chicken. According to the labor department a freezer malfunctioned releasing colorless odorless nitrogen into the air. It killed six workers and injured at least a dozen more. Osha is now announcing fifty nine citations related to the leak and almost a million dollars in penalties. Those cited include the foundation food group as well as three other companies. The agency says failed to implement safety procedures at the plant including training workers on the hazards of liquid nitrogen. The companies have fifteen days to contest the findings andrea shoe. Npr news on wall street. The dow overcame. It's early week wobble closing the week over thirty five thousand for the first time this is. Npr in a report to the security council united nations united nations panel has determined that terrorists hit africa. The hardest in the first half of this year. The analysts point to the islamic state and al qaeda extremist groups and their affiliates noting that parts of west and east africa fell victim to the terrorist groups growing access to funding and to weapons. Cleveland's major league baseball team is rebranding for the first time since nineteen fifteen to the name. The cleveland guardians. It will take effect after the twenty twenty one season as the team moves on from the word indians from member station k. jay z. Von jones reports amanda black horses and navajo activist who has worked toward the removal of native americans. Sports mascots she says. The name changes a victory for indigenous people in cleveland but that victory took a long fight. Elder have passed. you know. They're never going to see this happen. And they committed a lot of time and effort to this and some people will never see that you know. That's how old this issue is black. Were the nfl's kansas city chiefs. In baseball's atlanta braves should see cleveland's change as a call to action and follow suit. The team says fans community leaders in front office personnel were consulted on the name change for npr news. I'm von jones in phoenix. Americans tonight got their first televised..

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