AWTR Show #745: Working From Home With Kids


And today's mill spouse impairment moment I'm going to be talking about working from home with kids and finding a balance between work, life and home live. Especially during this normal that we have, that's going on right now I. Know Auditor starting to open up, but you know from when this pandemic started. A lot of us had to transition to working in the office to working from home, so I'm like I just said. The pandemic forced a lot of parents. To work going from working in the office to working from home. and. It you know, put a damper on some people's lives. It be because the pandemic was something that we could. Anybody could prepare for saying on people when they worked charter to work from home and work remotely, it became a little bit of Kulti during the pandemic when it first started I, actually was interviewing for a job transitioning out of my old position, going into a new one, and I was grateful that I was able to happen. Happen I was looking for a career change. It actually happened during the pandemic, so I could say you know when I talk about my kids around the talk to my kids in the future could tell them I got when this pandemic happened I got heart at any position I was little scared when I was interviewing because. I didn't know how it was going to work. If it was going to be a thing that was going to happen, but Luckily for me it did and I'm grateful to still beginning paycheck and making being able to make. Ends meet because I. Know a lot of us are a lot of guys. are out of work and a lot of people have been displaced and my hearts go out to you I. Don't know how you're able to do it, but it just WANNA keep everybody all of you in my prayers and thoughts because I know it's been hard, and it's GonNa. Continue being hard. Even the you know. States are starting to open back up. I know Florida is face to of opening I think they open bars now on s retail stores I think our full capacity they can open full capacity as far as time wise I don't think they've been open as nearly as. As late as they used to, but you know things are starting to slowly trickle back to what we're used to I. Don't think we'll ever get able to get back to what we were, but you know having being able to go out to restaurants and have dinner as you know Nice, and is now luxury, so par to those are able to do that. Even though is able to score and land job to permanently work from home. Despite the pandemic, it hasn't been the easiest transition I was lucky enough to to to land a job. Even though despite the pandemic I was asked if I wanted to work from home and I. You know mmediately took that. Into consideration. Just because you know, save money on commuting money on eating out I'm here my house or not to go anywhere? So just says a lot of money to be able to work from home However I didn't account for my kids also being home with me. It's been difficult trying to find the balance between working, and then also being a mom and a wife, but you know with anything that happens that just forced to figure it out and you. You know, make things work. That normally wouldn't work when all this happened I was you know forced to also in addition to being a working mom and wife being home schoolteacher to my five year old. Luckily, he's in pre K., so it's not like really hard stuff. It's basically learning shapes and learning numbers and colors, and reinforcing all all that stuff. He's been learning at school and then teaching him how to read. That's been difficult. He you know. Learned a lot of patients and it was tested daily, especially transitioning from home in addition to being a teacher to my five year old. You know you don't really realize how much teachers do until you have to do it, so you guys are very very well. You guys are able to balance that and power to you guys, 'cause something that I. Don't have and I. Thank you for everything that you all do. But once we figured out the routine balancing, schoolwork and the routine for our five year old. It was a lot easier to do things during the day. As an and doing his schoolwork, and we were able to power through to the end of the semester, so that was good, and you know all you parents i. mean raise your hand if that's happened to you. If you had to deal with it, you know I'm sure. And I know there's a lot of you having to deal with tougher things to teach your kids in school so I shouldn't even be complaining about having to teach my five year old hundred. I also lucky that my husband transitioned from going to school because he's A. He's a fulltime student. So that university also made them go to remote school so I'm lucky that he's also home with me with the kids 'cause I don't know what I would do if it was just me with two of them and he was gone during the day. I would have to hire somebody to stay here and entertain them. 'cause I couldn't do it all and I'm not that he's able to be here with Ho- home with me. They'll able to tag team maintaining an entertaining children, he is really. Really good about putting them down for Napster and the day. So that does really help me because it does take wall especially for our one year old to fall asleep in he as soon as she hits his chest, she passes out, so he hasn't magical touch for that. In regards to working the key that I found out is to find a balance between working from work, life and home life. Even right now. They're under the same roof. You don't have to find a you know. What works for you and your family, and then what works for you and your work? So here's some things that I found in. The guy should spend what. It's now June so since March through four months of working from home. some things I found found to be successful during this time. Make sure you have a dedicated workspace someplace. That is a separate room with a door. You can see my door behind me that you can shut and you can block out things that are happening outside of the door, and it's very important that you have this, but the majority of us that are able to work from home. Have seen increased a meetings whether that's through phone or video I know that I don't have a lot of meetings during the week but I know my bosses, and then my superiors. If I look at their schedule, they're back to back to back meetings, so they have dedicated workspaces I'm sure where they're able to get away from things that are distractions, and so that they're one hundred percent focus on who they're talking with, and so having a room that you can escape from from the kids away from the dogs will be beneficial to your success from working from home. Number to set your house or set your our sorry. My notes are wrong are misplaced here, said sure hours to be the same as if he were going into the office.

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