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To the Jason Horse Racing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin spires a proud proud sponsor of the show. Happy but with you here on this may the sixth and look forward to what will be a little bit of a par- up show. I mentioned yesterday. He didn't hear Had some tremendous audio difficulties with with Kenny. Mcpeek during our interview and they all seem to be coming from my end and Kenny was remarkably patient. We had to do like four call. Backs try tried restarting. I tried doing all this stuff and toward the end it started happening again. There's a few spots so I'm GonNa play what I got the interview. It's probably ten minutes but there's a few spots where it Kinda cuts out for. Just a second which is honestly to annoying. But it's annoying but it's not. It's not all that bad but toward the end it got real bad one or two times and I just can't. I'm so sorry I know you're busy guy. And he was very gracious about the whole thing and I still think he had some good things to say about his fantasy stakes winner. From this past week's with skydivers. We'll talk about that race. There was a lot of talk afterwards. You know the big favourite was was a harbor who was well backed and went pretty quick. Upfront and Swiss skydiver. Kenna came to her but then Venetian harbour. Dug in before was skydiver kind of propelled at the end prevailed at the end and. I don't know that there's this thought that you know if the horse would have slowed down a little bit that there would have had more late which is entirely possible. I mean that's you know the fundamentals of pace handicapping our if you know if you go slower earlier able to have more late and if you go faster. Lee sometimes you get worn out late and therefore the closers pick you up. But I don't know that it's necessarily all that true that if a horse ran you know to fifth slower and backed it up just a little instead of maybe running off or You know that would make that much of a difference a mile into a race when it's down to a showdown between two horses. Kinda just gotten it out for the last you know sixteenth eighth of a mile. I mean theoretically it should but I just don't know if that's the case like You know I just feel that. I know there's a lot of things going to a race but I don't know that Venetian harbour slowing down a touch or to make real difference in the end. I know it. I know you want to think that it does and it may have well have but I don't know that it's that. Was that much of a difference between winning and not winning this particular and Venetian harbour is still a very lightly raced horse and she picked up. Some much-needed oaks points and I to think that her connections are you fine with where they're at and where they're heading but so we won't play the Kenny mcpeek interview here in just a few moments. I am going to do another segment of race. I Love I. We'RE GONNA go back to two thousand five to Hollywood park. I've talked about this race times because it's an important race to me personally but we'll replay the audio as well and the audio is the important part to me but the race itself. I thought just had a lot of neat things going on with it during it and after it. So we'll talk about the two thousand five American oaks at Hollywood park a coming up a little bit later also WanNa take a little look at the. Ntr a pole that's right the NPR. A poll is out and I've always said it's not really something I mean I. I don't care about vote in it but it's you know sometimes fun to talk about. I used to have a a segment called hating on the N. T. R. A. And had its own. Music will well. I really went all out with the production on on that one but You know the reason I wanNA at least talk about the NTR. A poll in this instances because it.

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