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Four to ten in the morning. On March twenty fourth two weeks from today from five thirty nine thirty. There's going to be an extravaganza upstairs at Gibson stakeouts of the corner of Russian Bellevue, which was once the site of mister Kelly's it is all the work of though, he doesn't perform David Marian fell the son and nephew of the two men, George and Oscar Marion ran Kelly's and Jewish and and the happy medium and the London house which was right at the corner of Michigan and Wacker, but he has gathered. I three talents in this room when you decided to do this. You've decided obviously that you wanted someone playing a musical instrument. You wanted someone singing because such people as Sarah Vaughan have recorded live at mister Kelly's. And you wanted someone telling jokes because people like Richard Pryor, and George Carlin and. Oh, man, everybody was there. How how did you decide to put together when I thought of? The venue. I thought of what you could go into mister Kelly's and and see Nancy Wilson and Woody Allen. For the price of a to a dollar fifty seven drink. And so I knew I had to have somebody funny and somebody that sang beautifully. So I certainly, and then they also had a unbelievable jazz combo Larry Novak, right, right? Dick reynolds. And these guys that were so talented that they ask continually entice them to travel with they were based in Chicago. And so about how you knew Bob Bob Mamen, and I started on this project again a few years ago where we taught where he cut it album called London house blue, which we're hearing which caught my attention because it was his reminiscence and his homage. I in housing wasn't too. Soon him ran now it was not it was to appreciate it. And and talk about how we can work together. So we've been talking about working together. For a few years. I was so honored to have him come on board. And then Denise I had met many times in the cabaret. And you know, when I thought of we did a couple of shows where we reenacted Sarah Vaughan. Ella Fitzgerald's albums that they cut Eric where nets. But when I thought of a cabaret singer, they could really hearken back to Thad, frankly, meddler, you know, I thought it Denise said, she came very highly recommend then person as well as a star performer you still with K you heard about her. You said this the the documentary producer came in and decided to go to second city, and there she was that was that we saw her, and we just you know, she she cracked us up. And so that to me, I think you know, comics are pretty. That's pretty straightforward about how to evaluate a comic. If they're making you laugh, it's interesting k the the work done at second city is hardly anyone would characterize a standup do not. I mean, it really is. And that's just down the street at zanies. So what what do you think it was? I'm gonna ask you. He obviously thinks you're grand talent. What do you think it was about in what kind of act are you going to do at this? The legend comes alive show two weeks tonight. So I think it was probably just my natural charm. Quirkiness? And you know, I'm funny. But I plan to do is I do character work. I am probably going to tell stories. It will be stand up style is more along the lines of like is lily Tomlin ask square or should. I really do like joke. Gene, White Sox come up short in Detroit. But we will still deliver the holiday fun coming up after the news. Lots of today. We'll tell you all about it on the other side. But right now, we're gonna head to the newsroom, it's three thirty five on seven twenty WGN. And with that news. Here's Pam, thanks. Brian. Or m still await arrival of my computer, apparently, my computer wasn't ready to outta here. Okay. I'm ready now. Illinois, say Illinois state police say alcohol may have played a role in a serious wrong rate.

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