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A half team thing is always interesting at least from solid verbal level and also the schedule. I think the schedule does offer some curb appeal. They play a lot of good teams if nothing more it should be for interesting. Tv with me cunningham. It was words out of my mouth third. Tv team tv. They're competitive against notre dame. They get blown out by name your team. They lose by two touchdowns to virginia like they are a. You don't know who you're going to get every week. Which again totally infuriating. If you're a football fan but in terms of looking at the scoreboard and seeing that a random game is thirty one. Thirty with four minutes left. There's a good chance louisville's going to be involved in that hundred percent against somebody bad. It could be somebody excellent. Yeah but it's it's a very formidable. Acc schedule it's clemson. It's got florida state. North carolina state a non conference schedule that inevitably will make things worse than they are because week. One ole miss the close out the season against kentucky. So it's just a lot of things are kind of working against them here. They've ucf to right. I believe so. Yeah you see yeah. Lula's ucf they have. I mean will get to. Ucf later on in this episode. But to have matt corral and dylan gabriel to open the season in to her first three weeks then makenzie melton who could potentially be really strong in three of your first four weeks coming up with. I'm not coming off of throwing a pretty bad if we're going to believe twenty twenty to whatever extent play defense. That's what it's a lot. It's a lot lot so interesting. Tv show if nothing more. Yeah vegas has the over under at six and a half for wolfville. People are hitting the overfull. I think six and a half the right number. More people are hitting the over. The under i could see anywhere from five and seven up to nine and three. Get really crazy with it. I don't believe that. I say seventy five. Oh man i say seventy five. I see too much turnover on both sides of the football. And it just not enough support for me cunningham to one higher than that. So gimme gimme seven and five over by hair and interesting. Tv but not the kind of cornerstone season. That i mean scott. Satterfield was glowing about this team. Now glowing don't i don't care about losing guys from a disappointing team and whether it's turnovers whether it's the defense giving up big plays i don't care about that as much as all. But they've been recruiting really well. Oh this receivers really been popping. This is like the next two to this is the next whatever dez short of that is very hard to see them. Winning a bunch of forty seven forty three games without those options wide without the next. Jv and hawkins without you know me cunningham. Taking a really nice step forward in terms of protecting the ball so yeah. That doesn't bother me that they lose players. I mean everybody loses players. I mean between you know declaring and graduation and transfer portal like. That's just going to be normal is just more turnover than usual normal seasons but man. Yeah really wish they'd been finding those high three star guys in florida that that pop but we'll say let me go over to syracuse. This'll be a bionic one. I'm wearing the shirt or poor. Had use i support. The cues went one and ten lashes won one game. And we've had people asking us in our cuny's shows dino should be fired now. There were a ton of injuries. The offensive line was in shambles. Didn't go well. I take it as a very bad sign that the opening handful of paragraphs in the athletics syracuse preview feature dino babar's looking to the bible for inspiration for this coming season. Now look as your staunch anti bible and continue no disrespect at all to the to the wonderful texts. That is the bible okay. I'll tell all i'm saying is if that's where they start with the preview and if it has gotten to that level for dino babies where we're now like kind of leaning on the held a bit more than we should you gotta go with whatever you can get tie though right. You've got to exhaust all i just. I took that as a very ominous sign for where where things are headed. I hope it works. I know he's a man of faith. I hope he's able to find inspiration however can ernest thing around. Because i liked a lot but i found that as a very telling symbol of where this program's at I read through the phil steele preview. Phil steele was surprised that they retained dino babar's people who've written into us our surprise as well so we'll see the a lot of money zone a lot of the over under four syracuse years. Three and most people are most people are qb though right that's something garrett schrader. Yeah remember him yeah. He was a blue chip moorhead recruit. I believe yet mississippi state. He's a big kid. You can put them on the move. I mean he's got to be better than tommy defeat. Oh your boy. Don't say that that's such army nickname that i regret. He's got to be better than tommy. Devito excuse me. I but like there's experience all over the place. This is one of those cases that you referenced earlier the ton of experience the brubeck nineteen guys now. Is that good..

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