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Thing that stood out to me as far as those awards are concerned. But they go gloves. Again, generally speaking, I think they get most of these right because we have we're so good now and being rooted in the data. But I'm hopelessly biased. JT Realmuto is the best catcher in the national league buster. Jacob stallings had a really nice year. I know his blocking numbers. I think specifically were extraordinary with his past all allowance. And that kind of stuff. But generally speaking for wars like these, I use a player's body of work to be able to sort of break ties because defense can be a little bit noisy year to year and obviously you're not watching them play defense the same way that you're watching them hit and evaluating them as such. And DT real much was the best arm in baseball. He prevents base runners from stealing better than anybody. His framing numbers are always fantastic. Baseball perspective had him third in blocking run. So across the board for my money, he's the best catcher in the national league and I'm sure I was happy for Jacob stallings. The pirates didn't have the chance to win too much this year. So that would say amongst all the words that I went through this morning. Those are the two that stood out. Surprised that Bryant snicker wasn't a finalist for that award. And surprised at JT real Muto did not win the gold glove on the national league. All right, hambo. Always great to talk with you. Later, boys. Get out. Bleacher tweets already buster, bleacher tweets, for a Tuesday, we got Andrew Campbell at real camp drew writing in, hey buster, is it possible that Nolan Arenado has a chance to either tie or surpass Brooks Robinson's gold glove total of 16, Nolan is 30 years old and only needs 7 more gold gloves to tie if he reached 16, would he retire as baseball's greatest defense of third baseman? Andrew, the, you know, I love you. But the word only needs 7 more. Only 7, 9. He is a long way away, and I would say this as we move forward. Brian Hayes is going to be a major factor because his defense is special. Also you wonder Matt Chapman with the Oakland seemingly ready to dumps salaries if they're going to move match Chapman. And if he goes the national league, that's going to change the context for sure. He would be a really nice fit for the mets, for example. Adam Smith is up next at Schmidt FIA writes in with posey's retirement. There's been a lot of chatter in TC markets about mauer's case for the hall. He had an incredible few years, but I don't know if he has longevity or numbers. What are your thoughts? Yep, Hall of Famer, lifetime three or 6 batting average, three batting titles, MVP in 2009, four top ten finishes MVP 6 time all star 2123 career hits, which is 623 more than buster. In his career, 921 games at catchers, 6 O three at first base, posey had more games at catcher in his career, 1093, 229 games at first, but Joe mauer and his time as they catch her was a difference maker. You know, the other day I was texting back and forth with Bruce bochy, and he talked about what an advantage it always was for the Giants that they had an elite offensive player at catcher and the same is true for the twins. Let's go to Brian at a player to be named later, Brian writes in love the show. Can we talk about unicorn Joey Gallo back to back gold glove winner elite feet per second rate and bottom 1% in strikeouts ever seen this combo before? No, not with somebody that big. Well, actually, you know, when Aaron judge is a little bit like that, you know, in terms of his athleticism, but I remember when Joey first came to the big leagues and you see this hulking guys huge. And I was talking with John Daniels, the general manager of the rangers, and he was talking about how like Joey's a much better athlete than anybody realized his boy was he right. Let's go to Don Irvine. What's up, Don? Don writes in, now that Kyle schwarber is a free agent, do you see him signing with an AL team to serve as a DH rather than the NL considering his defensive deficiencies and will he get a multiyear deal considering his 2021 season? Yep, he'll get a multiyear deal, I think there's going to be universal BH for 2022. So he'll consider offers from teams in both leagues. Mister jakey RS at mister JK RS writes in, now that the season is over, what's the feeling on the crackdown over foreign substances after all the grumbling? Do you think it had an impact on the game? Was there a big enough sample size? Yeah, I think there was. It was clear that there were pictures affected by it. You know, spin rates, you could tell that some pictures were affected by it. You know, we had Alex Avila on the podcast and he acknowledged and agreed with what I saw down the stretch that there were a lot of pictures who actually using foreign substances, good old fashioned bullfrog, that sort of thing. I think they found a middle ground. I really hope that they settle this issue because it really is unfair to all of them. As I said during the year when people would talk about someone like a Scherzer or Garrett Cole as a cheater, I'd be like, I mean, 90% of the pictures were using something. And I really would love to get past the conversation. Last one for today, Matt, but covered in confetti at kayaking Smith rates and there's been talk on the pod that Seattle, Texas and Miami may make some splashes this off season. But what teams would be should be worried about setting up to tank next year. I feel like the cubs, guardians nationals and reds are candidates. Congrats on the braves, World Series there mat hope you enjoyed your celebrations. Yeah, absolutely. Look, the guardians don't tank. When we talk about tanking and Taylor sorry to pick a scab for you, I mean, we look at what the Orioles have done a recent years. We looked at what the Astros did in the early 2010s. The last time the Indians lost a hundred games was 1991. The Indians excuse me, the guardians retooled. The athletics retooled. They don't tank. The Orioles, there's absolutely no sign that they're going to veer from their strategy, which means, I'd say right now, whatever the over under is in Vegas, if you want to retire, I think you bet the under on whatever Vegas comes up with your team, what do you think? Oh, yeah, empty account. Bet it all buster bet it all on that under. I'm gonna check that out after we're done. I'm sure it's not up yet, but the second it is, you know where you define me. So thanks for writing everyone. Hashtag bleacher tweets on Twitter. Again, we're gonna do another show. Next Friday, we had a great batch of tweets this week, so keep them coming throughout the week and please follow rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts. And just to touch on a couple of other teams real quick, Luis Castillo and Sonny gray, two guys to watch for the reds, I'm curious to see if they trade them. If they do, then you wonder if they're going to be retooling. They have too many good position players to actually go into full on tank. And I think the what to watch for for the cubs, do they make a major expenditure? You know, it was a good sign that they're not tanking that they picked up wade Miley. Before we go, I just want to mention we got sad news yesterday, Pedro Feliciano, longtime left handed pitcher passed away at age 45 and his sleep at word of Perez colleague tweeted out that news, I didn't really know him that well, but everybody that did know him better than I just they were heartbroken yesterday. So our thoughts go out to the family of Pedro Feliciano. My thanks to date to Carl to hambo to Taylor have a great day to everybody. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and remember, Hayden inequality based on skin color is something we need to fight against every single day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're.

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