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Computer career dot edu. It's not rocket science. It's my computer career dot. Edu sean salisbury continues on seven. Nine hundred sportstalk seven. Ninety fellas are here playing a little game. ask them who's going to be where and it'll happen. We'll the lakers beyond the finals. Next year i will bet no. I think the western conference is just going to be such a monster. And they're going to be in the mix to do it. But i think that they just think the kind of i don't know i can't knock them because the champion but i think they got the easiest route that they could to get there this past year which is part of get lucky enough to do it. Then there you go. I'll say yes just because it seems like no matter what happens every single year as long as he's healthy compla- off time. Lebron james somehow makes it to the finals. This is the first time. I'm going to say that in a short season he's even going to. I mean as what a freaky is. But that may be. I don't know is will get too comfortable Not with his fitness but to what they want again. Now these done it with the lakers will tame the same challenge. Be there for wanting to for wanting to get to the championship right. I mean and he pushes himself and josh. You're making your point as long as he's right he there's a drive in him right because now everyone's going to sit here and say well the age is finally going right here right. Thirty about to turn thirty sevice. Thirty six december and the beating on his body cool kinney take the short offseason. And so he'll take that as another challenge to piss him off and go. So i don't i don't doubt they're going to be in the final four in the western conference final. Say somehow some way that they just somebody else gets there. Will he win the mvp again in the in the regular season mvp. Will he ever win another one. I would bet no just because there's too many other guys that are going to put up more rawal massive numbers than he is going to put. Did he deserve at this year. No all right josh. I after the fact if you include playoffs. I think he did deserve it this year but going forward i think if there's a player on the lakers that wins in mvp it's going to be. Anthony davis yeah. I don't have. I don't have loved. James harden here locally is gonna put better numbers for regular season. Mvp award and to me. It's going to be more deserving of the mvp award most seasons because his numbers are going to be way better. And i think will be the case again next year. That's just one player there. Janas will do the same. I think you could give the mvp award that. I think it's like ballot. Check when normally. I think you could give the mvp award coach of the year award. I think you could give it to lebron every year. If you really want. I can make a case every year. Why he should win it but i also can make a case. Why somebody else. What you won't. I don't think he wins another mvp but there may be a going away party at some point for him to do it. Will yana sign a supermax in milwaukee. Nope absolutely not. I've i can't believe pivoted on that. But i think that there is. We all know his last hurrah with the bucks after after that he series last year. I think that's when he decided. I know that they're trying to say at this stage. Exactly i think there's growing optimism and everything is they're saying up there but i don't believe it i just think he knows. Hey you need to sit around with a elite shooters and other guys who can score whenever they pack the pain. You know like when i they shut me down i need someone else. He's not going to get that in milwaukee and to me. That's why he is the he's a great player and he'll probably find a way to at least playing in a finals at some point but he is completely overrated completely because he can't shoot and in crunch time. I can't give the guy. The ball. I know i can get to the rim. But i can't remember offense through he shoot. I used to think that he was a he might actually be better when you have another guy. That's as good as him on his team. That same when i played with james harden like that would be amazing for him because he wouldn't have to shoot threes as i mean he could he would. He might average thirty eight a game because he's so physically means that good mid range and inside and i don't know if he's ever going to be able to develop a three point shot right on a consistent basis. He's a great player. But when i say somebody better than embolism anybody bed but if you want with harden where he doesn't have to be the clear clear clear number one that uncertain like an la who's the number one now is a lebron or is it a d. so you think anthony davis joshes right now. Some could say that they wanna championship. Because anthony davis not lebron. James could make that argument this year. Correct but neither one was winning a championship. This year without the other one janas needs another one like him. It is does. I think and it would make me even more effective than he already is so with that in mind. He's not going back to milwaukee he is gonna he's gonna fall into the trap of the big he's gonna go somewhere where there's other star players not named. Chris middleton still just think he's going to miami and you may be very very you may be right. Let's end with this one now. He listened closely. Is there a better chance that brady wins the super bowl this year or before. He retires or rivers. Breeze darnold fulls. Garoppolo are all are not playing for their same team next year. Whether it's retirement or elsewhere better chains wins so there's a better chance of brady winds and there's more likely of moral put it this way more likely chance brady than all five of those guys are on their same team correct. Okay i'll i'll go with all those guys on their team. Just for the fact that i think the only one that really i believe has a shot. Stay on their team next year. Is garoppolo breeze retires. This year he plays again. I think he has a good shot. They'll be in there but everyone else is done on their team. So i actually think that. It's pretty close that i had brady winning one and i know. Mc you're buying into what we were talking about it to ours. Brady get another one this year. But i- garoppolo maybe of those five guys the least likely not to move but it's probably fifty fifty right now by the people in that city. Who think he is gonna move so it's interesting to find out. We could have a whole bunch of changes at quarterback across the landscape next year. And we'll be back to try and change the sports world tomorrow for mc and josh. I'm sean we don't ever take you for granted in the trenches with andy. Chris gordon next followed by the math thomas show with ross the a team this afternoon appreciate you appreciate my partners. We'll see in about twenty hours. Be safe out there. Thanks for joining us in the trenches next..

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