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On the twentieth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks on our us soil three events attack on the pentagon the the twin towers and then the plane that was diverted and crash into the field in pennsylvania that should have challenged a lot of thinking those christian or not or whether you're no religion or some other religion if you have kind of this basic sense of what. I've been trying to describe here that even when something bad is happening if you believe in a higher power that ultimately is good and holy and nice and loving then you just have to trust that whatever bad thing is happening that ultimately is just too limited to understand the silver lining. If you will you know. I have lived Far too long now. And certainly i would. I always remember that. Morning of september eleventh. And even what's happened to a world. Since then i just find. Those kinds of analogies. Were were taking something of ordinary life. And trying to make a comparison to explain god and god's ways if you will just find that utterly now way too simplistic and in fact. I wish i could take back all those kind of simplistic messages. That i i. I gave a for far too many years. And i'm okay. I mean back to thinking like a fish. I'm okay if there is some kind of higher being. I'm okay with accepting the fact that i just don't have the wherewithal. I don't have the equipment. The brain power to really fathom the fullness of the the identity of that god and the purpose of of that higher higher being and as much as i i do wanna cling to The idea that this guy is worthy of my trust And my faithful service. I for many years now have drawn the line at trying to to myself or to other people who are looking for ways to resolve some of these tensions. I've given up trying to explain how evil and disaster and terrible things is. Somehow the same good god in pulling the strings in doing things i don't know and i think when we bend over backwards to make those kind of analogies. I think we probably do more damage than good. So i think we'll you know the way i'm gonna look at my little routine here with my fish is if the fish have any ability to wonder. What's going hon. my attitude is don't make it more than it is. It's just life is a routine that i feel responsible for. I am responsible for in order for these little creatures to stay alive. I've taken on that responsibility. And i will do it to the best of my ability and i hope when i failed them that it won't result in their suffering and death. But you know sometimes that kind of happens that is not to say anyway. She performed that. I am some kind of a simile of if there is this higher power i'm just in. That's when i'm doing here with my fish in my office. I think now that the world is not always a safe place for us to live and There are bad people and bad things happen their systems in place. Historically that have made it An unfair game in an uneven playing field. And i don't think you have to believe in higher power to kind of orient yourself to try to make the world a better place even if it's just something as simple as remember to change the polluted water in your fish tank those kinds of acts if we add them up. Hopefully it'll make the world a little bit safer and a little bit better for everybody. Thanks for listening. And now. I know you're gonna join a conversation damn works i.

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