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Free information eight hundred eight all five ten fifty five that's eight hundred and you know five and fifty five on this christmas president obama tweeted a holiday greeted as the first family enjoys their annual hawaiian vacation president obama tweet a holiday greeting the tweet read the best part of the holidays is the time we share with those we lot on behalf of michelle molitor and airy christmas everyone including with a tweet a photo of the fourth that stephanie ramos abc news honolulu hawaii quit elizabeth missed christmas nash for the first time she has a severe cold but the pau the said she still celebrated with her family she also recorded her annual christmas day address saying she personally draws strain from the world's ordinary people who do extraordinary thing when we can all the man was all right back in just his but the him into the impact just size losers small that should goodness can be bigger than we imagine mcqueen made no mention of this year's biggest story in the uk the break said folks a powerful ty phone slammed into the eastern philippines this christmas day spoiling the biggest holiday in a says largest catholic nation i phoned not ten was packing maximum sustained wins of one hundred fourteen miles per hour and earthquake shook southern she'll a there were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries and only minor damage i knew app is reducing the number of rain beer killed in traffic accidents in finland thousands die annually but this app allows drivers to tap their smartphone screens to register rain dear sightings misses abc news they need to presents what to consider when considering home security in a deep to sign is more than a sign that so in in the sign one one side your family on the other going on certain world for over one hundred forty years more people of chosen eight et to help prevent crime than anyone else get eighty t starting it just twenty eight ninety nine a month tested trusted proved in the two with thirty six.

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