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He's done an awful lot both symbolically. And in reality. I was I happened to be out in Michigan. Talking to factory owners who are dealing with the impact at tariffs. And a lot of them are being heard and every single one of them said thank you, Donald Trump at least for picking this fight. I hope you stick it out. We need to take on China. And when I asked him about things like the Muller investigation and allegations of collusion with the Russians and undermining the American election. They all said, oh, that's just. Noise. I mean, there really is this split screen America where you know, if you're on the side of the fence where you're a Trump supporter than any information that suggests that he's doing something other than championing your interest is just designed to hurt him. So just as a final vote. Then Stephen is it possible that we are looking at. He is not a ludicrous portrait of decadence, but an extremely coming bit of political signaling nowadays, even cutting. I think it's just trumping his usual tacky south. Yeah. He's caused this this crisis in the government. He's you know, that that again, you know, he seems to ignore the fact that I think it's eight hundred thousand people and not being paid at the moment. Because of what he's done because he's you know, he's behaving like a child and stemming against foot and wants money for the wall. And this is his way of thumbing his nose at people all sticking up the middle finger and saying, well, they all I can still do I can still entertain people in the White House. I'm paying for it. Does bring us to the end of today's show, Steven de and PD Goodman. Thanks both for joining us on the Dory. House. The show was produced by Walter Rabelo research by Fernando Augusta Pacheco Mafa LeBron tedium manage it was Christie Evans this music next one thousand nine hundred it's Monica on design this more on the day's main stories on the daily at twenty two hundred including possibly even the result of Brexit vote. Madari house is back at the same time tomorrow eighteen hundred London I'm Andrew mullet. Thank you for listening.

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