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In another bit of news starting today our team at MTC is actually taking on an additional responsibility last month the city sold commercial federal firearms licensees abruptly ceased accepting any new business is so that we wouldn't run into any constitutional issues are open ourselves up to meddling in our gun laws from outside groups in P. D. and the deputy mayor immediately started working on our turn it is the solution that we came up with was to delegate to MPD the authority to operate as the district's federal firearms licensee while there is no other commercial alternative and once there is a viable commercial alternatives license to operate in DC in P. D. will no longer need to serve this role so I will sign that order today as DC mayor Muriel Bowser yesterday announcing that without a single commercial individual available with a federal firearms license in the district DC police now have to take over DC police chief Peter Newsome joins us right now mornings on the mall good to have you with us chief Hey good morning how are you we're doing well and interested in this story because I want to know why is it that the district only had one guy in the first place and now that he's retired that that job is left to you yeah I think that only one person available cells of the opportunity if somebody is interested in doing that I think they can pursue it I've actually had some inquire is so I anticipate we won't be the only ones doing this work to that not we won't be doing it too long into the future so are you saying that the government didn't get in the way of anybody applying to be a federally licensed dealer in the district now I am obtaining of a federal firearms license is done through the eighty out it's done through an application with the a TF so we it's not something we could intervene and what we did is we sargassum when our current after Val licensee stopped transferring weapons into the district we we understood that people still want to have that ability and so we just stepped in to fill the gap now and will be there as long as necessary really not too many changes actually there's not many there's hardly there's no change at all really to the process if somebody's interested in a registration or transferring a gun into the district they can reach out to our firearms registration section I'll give them a call they can walk you through the process the cost will be exactly the same as they were and like I said as soon buddy soon as somebody else avail themselves of that opportunity we will likely step out of the way before you were designated there was no federal FFL in the in the district because the one person who was doing it I either retired or just decided he wasn't going to do it anymore did no one else step up in the meantime who wanted to do this I know when it stepped up since we had the one person who was doing it to be quite honest with you so okay I don't know I don't know if there's a lot of people interested maybe some people who are listening may have an interest like I said I've had a couple of inquire is since this issue has has arisen so I guess we'll see if if somebody does that and if not we're happy to do it we just want to make sure that we fulfill our constitutional rights to to make sure that if somebody wants to carry a permit I'm gonna carry of a firearm in the district or register a firearm in the district that somebody is available to help them with that yeah one of the reasons the mayor cited for for turning over this authority to the police department is indeed that that the current or changement was unconstitutional without any ability to obtain a handgun in the district and lawsuits seems rather imminent in light of that with what are yeah let me compliment comment on that a little bit because you know the the law provides for ninety days up to ninety days to be able to issue a carry permit and we have been able to fulfill or or stay within that ninety days oftentimes getting people their carry permits well in advance of that ninety day deadline and that that's not going to be impacted here at all I think that this this fix is something that we needed to do and I don't want anyone to think that because we we stepped in that it's going to delay their ability to get out a carry permit right even a carry permit is distinct from purchasing a weapon that's a different thing transferring a weapon into the district right yep you so you would transfer it in if you want I have a registered farmer if you want to carry permit and both of those options will be available if somebody's interested in is the process ready to go if someone wants to buy a firearm and now they have someone that they can go to is there is someone who is now in charge of that that they can reach out to yeah absolutely so all of the details the best place to go is to go to our website which is M. P. D. C. A. dot D. C. dot gov if you forget all of those letters you can simply go to Google and and put in there and PT firearms section and that that page will come up it walks you through the application process you can actually click on links that will pull up the application there's a phone number to if you want to schedule to come in it's two oh two seven two seven four two seven five yeah and the folks that work in our firearms section can walk anybody through the process is interested we're talking with DC police chief Peter Newsham and before we let you go chief I realized you know we we obviously have a lot of great first responders around the area who have to still be doing their jobs because they're essential employees and the DC police have themselves been hit with corona virus that I've got you've got officers who've come down with it tested positive do you have a number of of DC police officers that are currently positive with corona virus yeah we had eighty two officers since the beginning of the public health emergency that tested positive those eighty two twenty two of actually fully recovered and returned to work so for organization of our size we have thirty eight hundred sworn officers it really hasn't impacted our staffing to dramatically which we're we've been very fortunate we're hopeful as we we move forward into the future that it remains that way no ABS absolutely odd and it and it's good that they're they're moving in the right direction with this I think that's really important so thank you so much a police chief Peter Newsham we appreciate your time yeah thanks for having me on take care eight forty three on WMAL we're going to green brook TMS therapy center or as I like to refer to it as magnets I.

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