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Story the other day I noticed that sometimes I wonder what would happen in. Julie is random thoughts he looks like but I don't know chicken plans it's just random that's all it is. hi Holly you do whatever's to me what he wanted to go first. lives yesterday and my last gasp with Donnie in fifteen minutes nothing. and I had this thing amazing facts for the fair I. Frank Sinatra was originally offered the lead in Die Hard. back in the day like back in the late eighty three yeah. Holly X. well I guess it makes sense because Frank Sinatra in the tail end of his movie career was doing stuff like the detective van and all these hard boiled things but it would have been a totally different it would have been offered the part that Alan Rickman add on's Gruber baddie guy or the bad guy yeah but the lower is that it was the lead which I just think it's weird strange now all that would have been such a collector somebody said absolutely has had the same reaction as you to. new hard is one of the in my opinion the more like perfect one of the perfect Hollywood movies you can go back that movie is so tight it is so good you can click study it read the screenplay like if you want to know how a good movie is put together an original and original to goal and study it yeah be amazed by it he is a Christmas movie too okay..

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