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Aren't really realistic when you think about it, you know, and you know, I I'd really doubt that Tampa Bay put something together enough to sway Brady even a team like the Los Angeles Chargers. There's there's some reasons why it would be them and but then others are just like come on, you know, what is your best chance to win? You know birth and I just kind of don't feel like I just something about the charges does I don't take them too. Seriously. It's not like they have everything else. You know, they have some good wage. Is a in certain spots, but they also have some places that are deficient. You know it. You know Vegas is interesting, but it's it's more of like a branding move. Yeah, he ends up going to Vegas. It's because he can be the poster child for this new franchise in Vegas home. He can sell tb12 there. It's close to Los Angeles, which is going to have a lot of ties to hear in his post-playing career. So Vegas is like LeBron going to the Lakers really, you know, it's a concave three branding move a relocation of the TV 12 brand to the West Coast. Yeah, exactly and But but I mean What weapons does Vegas have that's the thing that I don't understand is that people talk about guys like Tyrell Williams or hunter renfroe or Darren Waller and Jake Jacob's like that's like some amazing. No. No, like this is some high-powered offense, but it's not and they can't get in Tonio Brown back there because they've already gone down that road. So Brady can't get get his guy and Antonio Brown to a place like Vegas. So it's just a to me on paper. I'm kind of scratching my head saying we're okay like their offensive line is decent it's aging but it's it's got some decent parts to it certainly their tackles and Britain Trent Brown and Kolton Miller solid players. Darren Waller is a fine tight end, but he's not even a frog runcrowd Broad Brook drunk. I can't say his name right now. It's not even half drunk, right? So I just that's a part of it that I don't really understand is where is this notion coming from that the radar wage? A significantly better pass-catching Arsenal than the Patriots do yeah, they don't. Yeah, it's just it's just hard to find that perfect team and even even if you might have it, it's like is it still better than the Patriots if they had another weapon, you know through this next few. So, I just it's it's fun to go back and forth with the teams and do you know does Brady fit here, you know, but I just there's there's no like Like dominant like like this team is definitely the team team. I think that's why the Titans make have made the most Headway in this couple of weeks here since the wage speculation has really started to ramp up is because they are a great fit for him, you know, a lot of different ways, you know, he's obviously really close to the variable and basically my understanding is that it would be like rainbows got the defense Brady's got the offense, right and it's more like a partnership with Rabil than it is going to be like with Belichick where it's clearly a a hierarchy of head coach and quarterback, you know coach a white with red bull. It's going to be a lot more even but I think might interest Brady a little bit and on top of that they have the offensive line if they can bring Derrick Henry back..

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