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For you insured by nce away. It's 5 18 traffic. A mother on the eights now and back over to Jack Taylor in the traffic center, My general starting Maryland on the bottom of Washington Parkway South find leaving V W Why, Marshall just after I won 95 accident, a vehicle fire along the left side. Stay right to get by south on the B W Parkway. I 70 going eastbound. As you head toward 29 Ellicott City, the right lane and the ramp that takes you to 29 north. They remain closed. Unfortunate here. We've got a tractor trailer off the roadway into the woods and we've got a fuel spill, so we've got a lot of equipment on scene. Bellway remains quiet through Maryland. No worries in Virginia riding in between Alexandria and MacLean should find you all your travel lanes open. Watch out on 66 coming! Eastbound last gasp! Heavy traffic, leaving 50. There was an overnight works out of 1 23 That's gone. Leesburg. We've got our utility work scheduled closing West Market Street between Loudon Street in South King Street. Cruise usually there till about seven in the morning. No worries on 66 Otherwise, Gainesville East 95 Out of Stafford North 3 95 looks good all the way up toward the 14th Street Bridge on the rails this morning. Don't forget Marc. Train suspended service on the pen line. The Camden Line of the Brunswick line through Wednesday morning. V R E not running until Wednesday this week on the rails, Metro. On the Red Line, the Farragut North Judiciary Square and Union Station's closed yellow line green. Our archives closed on the yellow and green line. The blue line no access to Arlington Cemetery. The Blue Orange and Silver Line Fair. Good West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center Gallery place. All of these stations are closed. Through of Wednesday of Thursday morning of next week is when the Thursday morning of this week is when they will open trains will not be stopping in any of these stations. New trouble in Maryland at a green belt. Sounds like 1 93 westbound beforehand over Parkway. The accident reported near Frank for Dr Now, multiple closures, obviously, through downtown that we've been dealing with most of the last week and into this week. The bird wins that usually cause a little bit of a delay of the freeway westbound no access to Seventh Street, Main Avenue. That ramp will be remained closed. And Potomac Park Park Police headquarters. That ramp also blocked North bound Third Street Tunnel. Still no access Exit nine U. S. Capitol closed through Inauguration Day Ledo Pizza Square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners. Lido. Pete's has been a local favorite since 1955 order online at Ledo pizza dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o P Traffic Storm team for meteorologists Lauren Rickets feels like today. It's just gonna be another one of those sort of January days, huh? You're absolutely right. Very similar to yesterday. We're gonna have a mix of sun and clouds out.

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