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Unbelievable catches obviously has tremendous speed as well like so. He's a deep threat like his route. Tree is ridiculous obviously. I'm a huge terry maclaurin fan. I am nine Which i think is highest certainly on our site and probably pretty high among other fantasy analysts as well. I don't know kyle notes right here. Ryan fitzpatrick bruce. Top fifteen wide receiver in each of the last three seasons that he started at least twelve games. I think it's more complicated though after tear. Maclaurin curtis samuel is a guy that we all really lighter. And they're free agent one of my favorite wide receivers that was available. He ended up signing a three year. Deal with thirty seven point. Five million dollars with the football team. He finished last year. Strong came down really strong down the stretch. When they do not have christian mccaffrey and carolina. They got courtesy. Amion more touch out of the backfield. He kept scoring which was good. But we've been waiting for this for like four years. Really i mean there was no mystery surrounding courtesy. He'll come out of ohio. Stadium was a second round. Pick who was used kind of at ohio state how he was down the stretch in carolina. One would hope that reuniting with scott turner who was previous offensive coordinator and carolina get a big advantage relative to most agencies. Who are still learning the playbook. We're voting though still in the kobe. Liskeard osama been limp. He's been hampered by both the kobe list and also i believe a hamstring injuries. Been bothering him recently. A couple things that have prevented him from being on the field. He'll be okay. It's still only august eleventh or whatever. It is longest august eleven. So there's plenty of time here. But what do you make of the players. They'll math like not the player we we like to play. That part is word. What do you make of the prospects. Fancy wise courtesy meal. I think he's going to be a better. Nfl player for washington. Then he is going to be a consistent. Accuracy force takes takes effort for him to be a great fantasy player from the offensive coordinator. Right like you gotta be targeting him somewhere between seven and ten plays for maybe seven to ten times per game or targeting him somewhere like six to eight times per game and getting three to five russia's a game right. I think there is a scenario where he is the fourth option on offense after maclaurin gibson and even logan tom interesting. Yeah so i mean. He's i think he's right there with with thomas. I think he's gonna listen. He is a big play in happen. Tons of speed and his versatility. So when i talked about antonio gibson as well. Like i think what you will see from washington's offense years you'll see a lot of motion you'll see a lot of Mismatches and a lot of a lot of creativity Like because you think about what they did in the off season right they already have maclaurin. They have gibson. They've logan thomas is fast for a tight end and then they they signed curtis samuel. They draft iam brown. Who will get to but like they have got speed out the wazoo. That's right they've got a zoo and they put all the into it and it got so much speed in that wazoo. That it's spilling out of it. Gotcha well to college. I appreciate killed. Kim i just have more just like can't ask that to matthew and rely on stream come on come on get me fired anyway but the point is out the wazoo and so i think samuel there are going to be a handful of games next year. In which case for sure explodes. He has a seventy five yard touchdown. Something like that trying to win. Those are gonna come. I think in review and far between i have mitt. I currently have met wide receiver. Thirty seven so he's a wide receiver four for me. I think there's you know there's certainly some upside there but Kyle asks on the note here. Which samuel do prefer curtis or deebo. Give me debo give me deebo as well. Because depot even if the collective air yards on his eight catches in a game is like literally ten yards has a much easier path. I think two eight catches and a game. Then curtis samuel. Does that offense in san francisco's designed to basically take their best players and put him in space. But i actually haven't wide receiver thirty eight courtesy meals so i am right there in the same territory as you as it pertains to the rankings. Logan thomas mathew you talked about him. An item on the adam schefter. Podcast you guys talked about logan thomas as a player that perhaps is getting deserves a little more attention and you guys also talked about how. Sometimes you got. Follow the money right. The team that recently extended logan thomas. I think it was twenty four million dollars over three years. Pretty good deal for a guy who again was a college quarterback this is an amazing run and basically as one year production in the nfl. So in twenty four million right. That was adams. Point on on his podcast. On the adam schefter podcasts. Shefty making the point. Follow the money you want to know how a player how a team feels about a player for the money. And they spent nice money on. Logan thomas who i think some people felt like at. He's just a guy you know. Some people also feel like like he was all they had last year. So bit of a fluke. I currently have tightened seven. That's where he's going in terms of his. Adp's going in the early ninth round. Two rows behind tj hopkinson daniels sense though. Don't you think so hopkinson higher than a much more prone for big plays then. Logan thomas's is not that the as you mentioned looking good athlete very good. But hawkins i think even a different callow and also when you think about it like logan. Tom's as part of collective. There's a lotta mouths hopkinson tj and then like the cast of the replacements is basically. What's going on in detroit. There's there's daniel. Tj hopkinson thing for those watching on the livestream. He's he's shaken that hair that unruly hair. But whenever you the name of tj hodkinson matthew. I don't expect me to do. I know you got to do that. But anyway i have hopkinson actually titan four so i'm higher than his adp. but listen. I guess my point here on. Logan thomas is not a fluke. Last year will continue to get targets. Here's a guy that got seventeen red zone targets that was tied for the fourth. Most among tight ends they like looking for when they get getting close ryan. Fitzpatrick is also somebody that likes to throw to the tight end. We expect this offense again to be in scoring position and more efficient than it was last year with fifty s quarterback. I think long thomas if you miss out on. The elite guys is a very viable starting tight. In this year fantasy. I think when when you're doing rankings and fantasy like the point is to put players. They deserve to be ranked. but sometimes we'd be volatility. Sometimes there's going to be small disagreements here there. Yesterday i realized with miles sanders. I feel the same way about logan. Thomas being like tight end seven. That's about where he should go it. Just like there's a thousand reasons why he should be tight end seven. I love reasons why he should be tied in two or three and they're not a lot of reasons. Why should we tight end. Fifteen right another body of evidence to say like. This guy deserves to be ranked. He's not gonna win a your league. I don't think they don't have that many disaster weeks for i think it could be a solid respectable tight end which is hard to find and fantasy hence he's tight end seven by the way. I don't know if you remember like last year we were talking to the preseason about logan thomas. I sort of call them last year at this time. I was just like you know. Two years ago i gave you. Aaron waller is asleep or tight end. I'm giving you this year. I'm giving you logan thomas so you've got this new this year a couple of guys like but the problem is is all the guys that i like like. A lot of people are on that okay. You know we'll as well for urban myth like if you wanna get deeper like i do love donald. Parham austin talking. Jared kushner donald parham. I'm obsessed with moe alley cox like you know. Whatever i you know me. I love my my my my Obscure titans you certainly do. We are going to pivot to the houston texans in just a moment but before we do. You want to get in shape. You're having trouble staying motivated. Make five hour energy shots party your lifestyle and get the energy boost..

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