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All right, here we go. I mean he did a lot of good looking. People are going to be okay. If he bujanowski he lost her Ray Mercer, he lost a fate or he lost an odd. He'd be Brandon Vera. That was a thousand. That's a tough guy to beat. He lost. Randy be Jeff, Monson. Andrei. Arlovski twice. He he, I mean that's he lost to Andre one time. He Wes Sims lost a Frank Mir be trigger. Rigas beat, Wesley cabbage, Carrera, lost it. Be Mike Whitehead. I mean he might go ahead twice he'd be better off. Well this is some good guys. Come on. No done. No, no. Hello Rick Rodriguez I'll give you a job loss. Keep. You know, tomorrow, Rico is that the, the 500-pound retail, you know, I'll be ready to get our our dog. He beat, who else. I mean, Mike Whitehead. Right beside her know, Sean. I can't hear Shawn by Shawn. Can you hear me now? Yeah, yeah, no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I never thought Mike Whitehead but I think it's just, I think for the other work with Sylvia, get amazing early. I mean, for what I mean, it wasn't exactly John Jones, you know, like genetically or athletically, but yeah, I thought he did well for, you know what, he had to work with, for sure. I mean I mean beating Ricco Rodriguez 2003 I think that was that was a good record Rodriguez. That wasn't the guy that was on Celebrity Rehab and yada yada. The ray Mercer flight was embarrassing that I wasn't a good look for him. He that was and then the fader wasn't that good but Brandon Vera, there is a tough dude I mean he's still he's I mean Jeff Monson. Arlovski twice come on Fri Yeah, but, you know, he's lost the people, he's hit the lost. I mean, it's like investigate themselves and doing their takes a dive, you know. I thought I was the only one that did that. So you have see this week, TJ Dillashaw was supposed to Fight. Cory sandhagen, that would have been awesome, but TJ got a cut on his on his. I that looked pretty bad. I mean, you could see the smoke coming out of it. That's how big this the cut was. And then some other flight got cancelled. So now. It's actually a good card. It's the weirdest put together card I've ever seen, because they got Donald Cerrone vs Alex Murano. That's a good fight or no loss, to Anthony Pettis last fight. So I should be very competitive actually, then you got Angela Hill vs. Rebus, who's Beyond a smoke show who she's got a win over. The girl who Mackenzie Dern Felipe Lin's, who won the kid? Why I got out one of the pfl. He's finally Ben Rothwell, Jeff Neal versus Neil Magny, that's a good fight. Jeff need a lost a Wonder Boy. But there's no, that guy's a hard fight and then Gregor Gillespie. Who was the first part of the night. According to this, who they were saying was going to beat Caboose. This guy's a national champion wrestler. He lost his last fight, to Kevin Lin, I am Kevin Lee, he got member head kicked Oblivion, but before that, he was looking like a world-beater and he said he's writing Diego. Ferrara, who lost the pineal dariush. But that's that should be the co-main event right there, and they have it first one out of the gate. I don't understand that. Like, they have a guy Zara girl, who's three and three..

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