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Tommy john dot com what i wear and they don't have to be the it's been in the world gonna join me in ten minutes he once said this about disneyland we were talking about vacation than he said it's never the coolest tippett's place but you feel like a better dad for taking your kids there and there are certain things that just make you feel better the nba ratings are down twenty percent despite much better player than college basketball which is up thirty five in forty percent college basketball is it's the little guy it's the big guy the stars don't said there's no db as you can you have players of teams balling after they lose games emotionally they're all in there's a certain pageantry to the final four of the elite eight in the sweet sixteen that doesn't exist in the nba the ratings are way down for the nba despite top quality and there is something about the ratings being way out for college basketball and i think one of the reasons is it okay i'm life not everything i have to be perfect the flawed nature of young college basketball teams keeps these games really really close oregon north carolina it was a bit mishaps in the mistakes that made it fascinating light it wasn't slack oregon had to so many opportunities to win that game in guns that i got a big lead last it it was the mistakes flaws and the weaknesses that keep these games close sometimes you watch the warriors there so damn good have two guys get hot at the same time games over there is something about college basketball that makes is just feel good i will push back on this they'll everybody says gone sagging had an easy path well couldn't carolina beat or they're big wins over football obsessed oregon in arkansas we're just not used to seeing guns i get here so there's a little push back on that think about three teams guns that i got beat to get here west virginia west virginia beach and just number one baylor and sixth ranked virginia this year they beat xavier well to get to that game against guns aga's dave you're bid to one of three same it's always been a solid program and then maybe south carolina the hottest.

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