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I thought she was just terrific on TV every week. I thought she was really really good. I believe her crazy, which is a difficult thing to do, you know, when she gets in the face of the women that she competes against I believe her crazy. And when you're playing a character like that, it is difficult to make people believe, you're crazy. And I don't know if I've said this, but I believe Nikki Cross's crazy. I don't believe that. She is crazy. I believe her crazy. I believe the crazy that she presents. And there is room for somebody that presents that level of unpredictability on the raw women's division. You know, she can definitely cause she's going to end up being a good guy. You know, she can't help it. I don't think people love NICKY cross. They love the way she performs. So I don't think she's a bad guy thinks she's a good guy, which means that Lacey Evans is a bad guy. That means before too long. She needs a match with Rhonda Rousey, she loses. There's not m- much more for her to do. Nicky cross wouldn't need a match with Rhonda Rousey because they're both good guys. And she could just kind of go. And and do her thing there on raw. Also, we don't know what's going on with sanity on smackdown right now. Of course, we saw them reappear on smackdown this week, but they've had a lot of stops and starts. You know, eventually NICKY cross maybe at a wrestlemainia, maybe wrestlemainia next year. Thirty six knows could come back into contact with sanity and like an acknowledgement could be made maybe at some point. She can join them. But I think that she's somebody who could really do good establishing herself. I think the heavy machinery should definitely go to smack down. I think something that smackdown should do to differentiate themselves from raw is really turn up the volume on the tag team division. I said on the kickoff show this week the SOS to me one of the best tag teams of the last decade views are just incredible. And they're just getting better and better and better. I just I love the us. They've the uses the bar the new day Anderson and gallows sanity all five of these two. And this is not the whole roster. Even all five of those teams. Our tag title worthy. Add heavy machinery to that. Put the colognes under a little bit more of a spotlight. You know, what I mean like really ramp up the tag team division. Let's see a return of the tag teams. Let's he's tag team specialists on smackdown. Leave raw as it is. You know, what I mean, there's a tag team division, certainly not the number one thing on the show. But it's there. Maybe eventually, I, you know, bring a revival over to smackdown where the tag teams are the strongest, but we're already seeing. Smack downs women's division. Stand out across the roster a across the entire main roster as the premier women's division. I think you can do the same thing with tag teams easily. And I think heavy machinery could be a part of that finally EC three also smackdown. So I've got NICKY cross and LARs Sullivan going to raw Lacey Evans, heavy machinery, NEC three all going to smack down. Right. Lazy Evans, easy three heavy machinery. Yeah. While NICKY cross and a large Salvin go to raw, I think easy three. She go to smackdown because he's going to be a good guy. There is room for good guys on smackdown. You know, you could have them compete against Samoa. Joe you could pretty quickly. If it works point him in the direction of the WWE championship and Daniel Bryan of more, not quite ready for that point them in the direction of the United States champion and Shinsegei nakimora. You have Daniel Bryan is a bad guy. Shinsegei nocco more as a bad guy. Samoa Joe is a Bank. There's a lot of great bad guys on smackdown right now, you know, Roussev technically is a good guy right now, but he could be a bag item..

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